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Czas honoruCzas honoru
TVP 2, 2008 | Drama, Adventure, Military/War, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Series situated during 2 world war in Poland.

Krew z KrwiKrew z Krwi

The series takes place in the Tri-City. Carmen Rota (Agata Kulesza), daughter of a former mafia boss, leads her life away from the criminal underworld and raises three children. Her husband Marek (Zbigniew Stryj) officially runs a private marina. In fact, together with Carmen's brother, Wiktor (Andrzej Andrzejewski) and his friend Stefan (Lukasz Simlat), he deals with smuggling. When Carmen's husband dies as a result of gangster-related charges, her life turns into a hell. There are strangers and threatening to kill children, demanding the repayment of her husband's debts and stolen drugs. To protect loved ones, Carmen makes a decisive decision - she decides to lead the family of the "empire of evil". Her seemingly peaceful life turns into a hell of crimes.

Rodzinka plRodzinka pl
TVP 2, 2011 | Comedy

It is a comedy series that comments on the problems of contemporary families using humorous scenes and punch-lines. Two of the most popular actors in Poland: Malgorzata Kozuchowska and Tomasz Karolak will show the viewers that there are many different shades to parenthood. Boscy are in their thirties with three sons. The parents met in college and since then they have been a harmonious and loving marriage. Now they have three sons, an introvert Tomek, a skateboard maniac Jakub and the youngest one and the most spoilt Kacper. It is a warm and funny story of a special family. There are misunderstandings and arguments over fundamental as well as trivial things but in the end they are nothing compared to the moving scenes full of love and understanding between the family members.

TVP 2, 2015 | Action, Crime

As befits a criminal riddle, their decryption is undertaken by a team led by the title prosecutor Kazimierz Proch (Jacek Koman). He is cooperating with the police commissioner Witold Kielak (Wojciech Zielinski) and forensic pathologist Ewa Sidlecka (Magdalena Cielecka).

TVP 2, 2005 | Drama, Action

The title character "Officer" is Tomasz Kruszynski "Kruszon" (Borys Szyc), a young police officer who works with his partner Rys (Andrzej Chyra) to break up a network of criminal connections. Aldona (Magdalena Rozczka) appears next to them, a beautiful and independent woman. Together, they form a triangle full of tensions and emotions. Kruszon is a symbol of the new generation of policemen. Seemingly a slacker from Warsaw's Praga, he is in fact an intelligent and crafty policeman. Perfectly finds itself in a criminal environment, which makes it easier for him to penetrate the mafia structures and to work them out from the inside. Strong and unbending character and faithfulness to strictly set rules do not allow him to give in even in difficult situations.

TVP 2, 2006 | Drama, Action, Crime

"Officers" are not a direct continuation of the story told in the "Officer", although the starting point of the new themes are the events shown in the first series. We will also see some of the previously learned figures: commissioner Kruszynski "Kruszon", commissioner Aldona Ginko, super-commissioner Stella Lewandowska or Jacek Wielgosz, pseudonym Grandee. The creators of the series, however, did not want to copy the plot and narrative methods of the "Officer". The main character this time is the 25-year-old commissioner, Alicja Szymczyszyn, a psychology graduate who, at university, drew the attention of specialists in the recruitment of human resources. Intelligent, sensitive, but at the same time endowed with strong character and unique intuition.The girl must prove that she is actually fit for work in the police. First test will be forced to go through a difficult moment when it finds that even a psychologist can be wrong in the assessment of the closest people. Initially a bit clumsy, lost, unaccounted for with weapons and operational activities, it will quickly become a truly valuable "acquisition" and will be at the very center of astonishing events, which are driven by people from the highest circles of power.

Trzeci OficerTrzeci Oficer
TVP 2, 2008 | Drama, Crime

The "third officer", like the "Officers" earlier, is not a direct continuation of the story told in the previous series, although in individual sections, there are references to events that took place either in "Officer" or in "Officers". There are also well-known people from earlier episodes: Commissioner Tomasz Kruszynski "Kruszon", Superintendent Aldona Ginko - Rys, who worked in the police, prosecutor Marek Sznajder, commander of the Special Quest Group of CBS, commissioner Alicja Szymczyszyn, Damian Rys , Jacek Wielgosz ps. "Grand" and his beautiful wife Rita or head of intelligence, General Michał Matejewski. The creators of the film managed to preserve the atmosphere of both previous series: the atmosphere of mystery, understatement, tension and expectations. We observe the backstage of international criminal machinations, and at the same time exciting work of special police groups attempting to solve complicated criminal puzzles. We also look behind the scenes of intelligence activities, where the principle: "the end justifies the means" often becomes the prime principle.

TVP 2, 2011 | Drama, Action, Crime

"Instinct" is a 13-episode contemporary crime series with an intriguing female heroine in the lead role. Anna Oster (Danuta Stenka) is a mysterious and attractive lady commissioner from the investigation department of the Warsaw police station. Thanks to his unique instinct, Oster solves, along with his younger partner, Piotr Tarkowski (Szymon Bobrowski), complicated criminal riddles. Anna's appearance in the investigation department causes a lot of confusion. By decision of the commandant Jan Rogoż (Paweł Królikowski), Tarkowski's current partner Aleksander Lewicka (Marieta Żukowska) is transferred to the position of press officer and he will start to fear losing his position. A special feature of Anna Oster is her mysterious past, which will slowly reveal itself to the viewer and ... to herself. What is the Commissioner's past?

Into Deep WaterInto Deep Water
TVP 2, 2011 | Drama

Strong, sometimes disturbing drama series that shows the darkest side of human existence. The series features work of social workers in one of the social welfare centers in a big city. Each episode focuses on a different social problem and characters struggling for help. Wiktor Okulicki, a newly nominated director of the center, is a man of acts, not words. He has been a social worker for over 15 years and during this time he faced not only numerous difficult social problems, but also went through a serious personal crisis. His co-workers, mostly young and enthusiastic idealists, meet individuals who often have to face the toughest and most depressing circumstances. They still have no doubts that they can help someone in need.


Adapted from a series of fantasy novels by the polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher tells the tale of Geralt, one of a few remaining "witchers" - traveling monster hunters for hire, gifted with unnatural powers.

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