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WWII by DroneWWII by Drone

Witness the Second World War like never before. From the clear waters of the Mediterranean to the darkest forests of Poland, few places in Europe were spared the brutality of the Second World War. And on WWII by Drone, these sleeping battlefields come to life as never before.

Garden SecretsGarden Secrets
Smithsonian Channel, 2010 | Documentary
Rating: 2/5

Meet the experts who make the Smithsonian Gardens a stunning living museum year round. See how our horticulturists work tirelessly to overcome urban conditions and freezing temperatures. Learn how all gardeners, from amateur to seasoned, can use their secrets to make their own gardens grow.

Malawi Wildlife RescueMalawi Wildlife Rescue
Smithsonian Channel, 2021 | Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Malawi is a small African country that has made a big push to protect its wildlife. Leading the effort is American veterinarian Dr. Amanda Salb and her colleagues at the country's only animal rescue center, where injured and abandoned creatures are saved and rehabilitated. This six-part series follows the dedicated team as they care for a variety of patients, including vervet monkeys, bulbuls, baboons, hedgehogs, and many more, often working with limited resources and in dangerous conditions as they prepare the animals to return to the wild.

Inside the Food FactoryInside the Food Factory

Most of the food products you find in your supermarket (and in your kitchen for that matter) have likely traveled through as many as 30 different machines. Whether it's a box of frozen pizza or a jar of instant coffee, a bottled soft drink or a packaged Kit Kat bar, each product owes its existence to the brilliant engineering and mind-bending technology found inside the world's many food plants. Join host Gregg Wallace as reveals factory secrets and explores the marvels of mass-production that create the snacks, sweets, and beverages we love.

Tales from ZambiaTales from Zambia

Zambia is home to some of the world's most exotic wildlife. From elephants to eagles and baboons to hippos, this collection of films features a range of different species, exploring their fascinating behaviour and taking viewers on a virtual safari into some of the wildest and most beautiful habitats on Earth.

Battle for the AtlanticBattle for the Atlantic

The stakes were simple. Win the Battle of the Atlantic, win the war. For six years, an undulating warzone spanning 2,800 miles was the setting for one of the most bitterly fought battles of World War II. German U-boats ravaged convoys of British Canadian supply ships, sending thousands of merchants to a watery grave, along with millions of tons of vital supplies. Britain was cut off and on the brink of surrender, an act that would give Hitler control of Europe. Britain had to somehow turn the tide. The outcome of World War II depended on it.

Great Lakes WildGreat Lakes Wild

Uncover the secrets of the vast Great Lakes region, which extends from the Canadian border to the American Midwest. It's a place of breathtaking natural beauty, with a unique set of challenges threatening its delicate environmental balance.

World War II: Final DaysWorld War II: Final Days

As the deadliest war in history draws to an end, the bloodshed is far from over. For ten soldiers and civilians caught in this theatre of war's final act, the last days of World War II would change their lives forever. Witness the stories of the courageous men and women whose sacrifice and survival, triumph and tragedy provide unique insight into some of the most terrifying days in history. Their firsthand accounts will take you into Hitler's Bunker, to the scene of Mussolini's capture and murder, and to the horrific discovery of the Nazi's most ghastly secret.

Baby AnimalsBaby Animals

Watching animals care for their young is a powerful reminder of the bonds we all share as living species on the planet. Take a heartwarming look at baby animals as they playfully find their way in the world.

Into the Wild ColombiaInto the Wild Colombia

Explore the tropical forests, dense jungles, and vast grasslands of Colombia, where a tremendous array of animals face a daily struggle against fierce predators and harsh weather. Watch as young tamarins face deadly boa constrictors, capuchins dodge hungry jaguars, capybaras share streams with caimans, and dazzling hummingbirds engage in an endless quest for nectar. In these unforgiving landscapes, stunning creatures and hidden dangers are waiting to be discovered around every corner.