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Mästarnas mästareMästarnas mästare
SVT, 2009 Running | Sports, Reality, Game Show

What happens when you put together a group of world-class sports stars and lets them live under the same roof to eat together, sleep together, compete together - and against each other? Can these super-individualists agree on dinner cooking and team competitions and able to spend 24 hours per day? Some of them find friends for life, others will not be heard of in the first place.

SVT, 2022 Running | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

The plot revolves around press secretary Lisa, who works for the Ministry of Welfare and is forced to try to get the self-absorbed minister Roxanne to perform at her best and keep her happy for the cameras. But when the ruling socialist party's (Demokratiska Samlingspartiet) election general suddenly decides to make Roxanne the front-runner in this year's election, an arduous journey to the top begins.

The Great Swedish AdventureThe Great Swedish Adventure
SVT, 2011 Running | Game Show, Reality
Rating: 5/5

The Great Swedish Adventure is a Swedish reality series which premiered in Swedish Television on 30 October 2011. Filming of season 1 took place in June 2011. The series is based on the popular Norwegian TV show Alt for Norge from TVNorge. The series is about Swedish-Americans returning to Sweden to discover their roots. In the program, they learn more about their family. Each week forced a participant in leaving the series and can thus miss their chance to get to know more about its origins. Host is Anders Lundin. In each section, participants puzzle pieces that will make their family complete map. Genealogists for the series is Helena Stark.

Detective Inspector Irene HussDetective Inspector Irene Huss
SVT, 2007 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Thriller

Detective Inspector Irene Huss is a 38-year-old woman with a successful career and a family life. She is a former European champion in Ju-jutsu and a charismatic modern woman. The series follows her as she handles her job and personal life, juggling her role as a detective with her responsibilities as a wife and mother of two teenage daughters.

SVT, 2002 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime
Rating: 3/5

Hoffa (Ola Rapace), living a middle class life with his wife and children in a suburb of Stockholm. Hoffa owns a small business with his two best friends, Niklas (Shanti Roney) and Hamid (Danilo Bejarano). But business is slow and they are in debt. First they borrow money from the local mobsters, and when they can't pay them back and realize the danger of the situation they decide to rob a bank.

The Dying DetectiveThe Dying Detective
SVT, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Mini-Series

Retired Chief of the National Crime Police and Swedish Security Service Lars Martin Johansson has just suffered a stroke. He is paying the price for a life of excess - be it stress, good food or fine wines. He has dangerously high blood pressure and his heart could fail at the slightest excitement. In the hospital, a chance encounter with a neurologist who confides an important piece of information about the rape and murder of a nine year-old girl 25 years earlier invigorates Lars Martin Johansson's unparalleled police instincts. However, the period for prosecution expired only weeks earlier and that isn't the only limitation. Lars Martin Johansson is determined to solve the atrocious crime - from his deathbed.

Death of a PilgrimDeath of a Pilgrim
SVT, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mini-Series

Death of a Pilgrim centers around the unsolved murder of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. The story is based on the award winning triology "The Fall of the Wellfare State".

Andra åketAndra åket
SVT, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Andra åket is a Swedish comedy series created by Felix Herngren. It follows the lives of a group of friends who are all in their forties. The show explores the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives, as they navigate the challenges of middle age. With a mix of humor and drama, Andra åket offers a realistic portrayal of the complexities of modern adulthood.

SVT, 1997 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

A swedish comedy tv show with two seasons. Created by the comedy group Varanteatern.

Ture Sventon och den magiska lampanTure Sventon och den magiska lampan
SVT, 2023 Running | Family, Adventure, Mystery

Ture Sventon sets out on new mysterious adventures. This time we get to accompany him around the world again. But what lurks behind a certain lamp, could it be magical?