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Moderna tider


| Animation

Join the post-apocalyptic New Stockholm, where the world's most affluent people return to everyday life after the fall of the earth. Meet Max who works as a dishwasher in a sausage truck, a regular guy with common problems, such as blood-thirsty Ã-Â-–stermalm cannibals, cyclists, revengeful Gothenburgers and a boss without compassion.



| Drama

Archaeologists dig up a mass grave in a Swedish forest. A special police group is set up to find out the murderers.

Mastarnas mastare


| Sports, Reality

What happens when you put together a group of world-class sports stars and lets them live under the same roof to eat together, sleep together, compete together - and against each other? Can these super-individualists agree on dinner cooking and team competitions and able to spend 24 hours per day? Some of them find friends for life, others will not be heard of in the first place.


A corpse is found in an old water-filled shafts out on Skärsö, a fictional old military island in the Stockholm archipelago. The finding appears to be linked to a previous case detective CG Heather investigated.

Full patte

The sisters Bianca and Tiffany have many problems. Money, the rent, the system's opening hours, Sweden, God, to become adults, old people, children, jobs, unemployment, and then some. To put it a little easier: the only thing they do not have a problem with is each other. Follow the sisters Kronlöfs try to find your way in Sweden, the labyrinth in which they live.

Svett & Etikett


| Sports, Reality

A Swedish reality series.

The Befallen

A group of people witness as their weaknesses are turned into their greatest asset. One by one they are recruited to one of two sides in an upcoming battle between light and darkness. All are in danger as someone seeks to hunt them down one by one.

Sjukt oklar


| Comedy

24-year-old Ellen (Clara Henry) has always had a hard time completing things and decides to go back to redo high school. But pretending to be sixteen, focusing on schoolwork and fooling their entire surroundings turn out to be more difficult than she thought.



| Drama, Sports

Kalle Zackari wants schoolchildren to move more. In his new series Gympalararen, he returns to his old secondary school to motivate the students on and off the P.E.-lessons. A challenge that turns out to be his greatest of all time.

Tro, hopp och karlek


| Family
Rating: 5/5

Swedish dating program where priests, vicars etc. try to find their true love. Host Mark Levengood counsel them along the way.

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