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A Gypsy Life for Me

The series is following groups of travelers and gypsies at major events such as Miss Gypsy UK and Travelers Got Talent. Featuring engaging characters from the traveler communities keen to dispel some of the myths about their lives and let the world in to see how they combine their traditions with a modern way of life in 21st century Britain.

Snow Leopards Of Leafy London

A stone's throw away from London, the Cat Survival Trust has the largest collection of snow leopards outside of Asia and with numbers seriously threatened in the wild something is being done to safeguard their future. Something remarkable, unconventional and very surreal!

Lost Worlds With Monty Halls and Leo Houlding

The world's most dangerous locations are home to some of the greatest natural wonders, stunning landscapes and extraordinary creatures. Using the latest modern technology and extreme climbing techniques, our crack daredevil team are embarking on a mission to unlock some of the Earth's last secrets. In Lost Worlds, natural historian and adventurer Monty Halls teams up with explorer, survival expert and pioneering climber Leo Houlding. Leo's extreme climbing experience coupled with Monty's incredible adventurer skills and scientific knowledge make them the perfect team to reach these dramatic areas and document these natural wonders. Ex-royal marine-turned-biologist Monty Halls and world-class climber Leo Houlding embark on daredevil adventures in lost landscapes, documenting these natural wonders.

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