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Strange InheritanceStrange Inheritance
FOX Business, 2015 | Reality, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

You won't believe what some people inherit! In a ground-breaking reality show from Fox Business, we're bringing you the bizarre artifacts and outrageous stories that are all part of someone's "Strange Inheritance!"

American Gold: The Legend of Bear GulchAmerican Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch
FOX Business, 2021 | Reality
Rating: 5/5

The Legend of Bear Gulch features the Dale brothers, Rick (71), John (70), Tad (68), Paul (63) and Kitt (59), the hour-long series will follow the family as they attempt to mine 800 acres of previously worked land for gold in the wild mountain valley of Bear Gulch, Montana.


A weekly program highlighting current consumer issues with a libertarian viewpoint.

War Stories with Oliver NorthWar Stories with Oliver North

Hosted by retired Marine Lt Col Oliver North, War Stories is a documentary series profiling military history airing every Sunday night at 8pm EST on the Fox News Channel. Each episode features recollections of battlefield trials and victories, told by the veterans themselves.

American BuiltAmerican Built

Steve Doocy delves into the vision, design, and ingenuity behind five extraordinary projects that capture the American spirit.