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Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki's InferenceAssociate Professor Akira Takatsuki's Inference
WOWOW, 2021 | Drama, Mystery

Follows human mystery that depicts the importance of connecting with people through the perspective of an associate professor with different abilities and a boy with loneliness. Akiyoshi Takatsuki, a university associate professor with perfect memory ability, and Naoya Fukamachi a university student who has come to understand the lies of others, challenge the mystery of a mysterious case.

NieA Under 7NieA Under 7

In the near future, space aliens settle on earth and get along well with humans. Mayuko tries to concentrate on summer school classes while the alien NieA pesters her for lunch.

MPD PsychoMPD Psycho

After his wife is murdered, a homicide detective develops multiple personalities and takes revenge on her killer. Years later the killer seems to reappear from the dead.

Angel TalesAngel Tales

Mutsumi Gorou is one unlucky young man. When he was a little kid, each of his pets died from different tragic causes. Even until now, he can't seem to find the right job. The only job he had was one with a company which eventually went out of business. One day, a mysterious fortune teller called him and told him that he is definitely surrounded by bad luck. The fortune teller then gave him a cell phone, and then said that perhaps Mutsumi's luck will improve. The magical cell phone awakens all of his pets that he owned when he was a little kid, one by one, in the form of beautiful young girls.

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