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Pacific HeatPacific Heat
Comedy Channel, 2016 | Comedy, Action, Crime, Animation
Rating: 3.5/5

Pacific Heat is a satire of cop shows, following an elite unit who take on crime on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? AustraliaWhose Line Is It Anyway? Australia
Comedy Channel, 2016 | Comedy, Variety
Rating: 3/5

Aussie comedian Tommy Little is new host and almighty ruler of Whose Line and will be joined by seven exciting and talented ensemble cast members. Four of the cast will perform together in each episode's improv sketches with no-one knowing where the sketches will end up. The performers are forced to get themselves into insane situations with improv challenges often demanding song and dance but most importantly, jokes. The host then awards various amounts of points - that don't even matter - to the best players and funniest performances.

Open SlatherOpen Slather

The biggest names in Australian comedy are joining forces with a group of rising new stars for OPEN SLATHER, Foxtel's highly anticipated, new local production from the producers behind Kath & Kim and Summer Heights High.

Balls Of Steel AustraliaBalls Of Steel Australia

Based on the UK series of the same name, this comedy show featured a group of comedians who are effectively 'dared' to partake in a variety of stupid, dangerous and highly ill-advised stunts. A voting audience then deems who has performed the most impressive stunt, and is bestowed with the Balls of Steel award for that week.