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Numb ChucksNumb Chucks

Woodchuck brothers Dilweed and Fungus didn't always see themselves as heroes. But one night, it all changed. It was during a late night TV infomercial marathon that their lives were forever altered when they ordered mega legend Woodchuck Morris' motivational kung-fu video "The Way of the Chuck!" Since then, these fur covered brothers made it their mission to become as awesome at life as their kung fu mentor!

Monster by MistakeMonster by Mistake

Monster by Mistake follows the adventures of 8-year-old Warren who turns into a monster every time he sneezes after getting mixed up in a magic spell. As Warren navigates his new life as a monster, he must also keep his secret hidden from his family and friends. Join Warren on his hilarious and exciting monster-filled journey!

Erky PerkyErky Perky

Erky Perky - Erky and Perky are two dimwitted bugs living in their very own paradise on a downtown Hot Dog stand until they are accidentally thrust into a take out bag and end up in an unfamiliar and sterile suburban kitchen with NO FOOD IN SIGHT!

League of Super EvilLeague of Super Evil

Four super villains seek total neighborhood domination in League of Super Evil. Great Voltar's plans are child-like, Doktor Frogg's genius is diminished by bad luck, Red Menace brings the muscle, and Doomageddon is unpredictable. L.O.S.E. battles traffic cops, sells lemonade, and schemes for new gadgets.

Zixx: Level OneZixx: Level One

Join Zixx, Adam, and Griff as they battle evil in a third dimension labyrinth that operates like a game. Zixx mentors Adam and Griff as they navigate adolescence and search for Adam's missing mother. This kids' sci-fi series combines live action and game animation and is filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Experience the highs and lows of adolescence at the prestigious Cascadia Tennis Academy. Follow a group of young hopefuls as they navigate love, friendship, and competition. Watch as they fight to achieve their dreams and become the best tennis players they can be. This drama will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Most kids dream of being superheroes. Not Eric Needles. Eric dreams of being a sidekick. So you can imagine his elation when his favorite superhero, Maxum Man, selects Eric to be his sidekick. But things take a weird turn when, on the day that Eric is scheduled to start being a full-time sidekick, Maxum Man vanishes. The superhero's disappearance leaves Eric responsible to convince the world that Maxum Man is still on the job, doing what a superhero does. Eric's peers include Kitty Ko, a boy-crazy heroine who serves up stellar advice.

Chuck's ChoiceChuck's Choice
YTV, 2017 | Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Rating: 5/5

Chuck's life choices are mind-blowingly awesome as he is the DECIDER with the U-Decide 3000, giving him the power to choose his adventure! Join Chuck, his best friend Misha and brother Norm on thrilling adventures without boring adults telling them what to do!

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