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I Am a KillerI Am a Killer

Death row inmates, convicted of capital murder, give a firsthand account of their crimes in this documentary series.


In a gripping ten part series, Murdertown puts location centre stage. Each episode sees Katherine Kelly tell the compelling, step-by-step story of how one extraordinary murder was solved and how it fit a disturbing wider pattern in one particular city. With interviews from victims, witnesses and police officers, Murdertown tells the story of some of the most shocking murders in the UK and examines the impact they had on local communities around them. It's the series that makes murders feel real; they happened in a street, a railway, a've actually been to.

Crimes That Shook AustraliaCrimes That Shook Australia

A compelling documentary series that tells stories of the biggest crimes to hit the country, through the eyes of the people placed right at the heart of the tragedies. Featuring stories of the most brutal and shocking crimes, this series will explain the detailed events leading up to the crime, the crime itself and the aftermath. Through gripping interviews, dramatic reconstructions, and archive footage; this series pieces together the murders that shocked the nation. Hosted by Stan Grant and based on the successful series from the UK.

killer coupleskiller couples

KILLER COUPLES is a 4 x 60' series investigating the relationship between deadly partners in crime. How did Myra Hindley and Ian Brady go from initial attraction, dating and falling in love to jointly plotting the abduction, rape, torture and murder of young children? International best-selling crime novelist Mark Billingham embarks on a journey in each episode to get inside the minds of a different Killer Couple and to find out why and how teaming up as a duo triggered such terrible acts of crime.

Crimes That Shook BritainCrimes That Shook Britain
Crime and Investigation, 2008 | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 4.5/5

Documentary series following the events that led to the country's most heinous crimes.

What the Killer Did NextWhat the Killer Did Next

What the Killer Did Next, fronted by Philip Glenister, is a new crime format which begins with a murder. Each episode seeks to find the killer's motive and discover what kind of person could commit this crime: not by looking at what happened before the murder but by studying the killer's behaviour after the heinous event.

When Missing Turns to MurderWhen Missing Turns to Murder

Someone is reported missing every 90 seconds. Each episode of this series features one case as it reveals powerful and emotional testimony from families and friends of those who have disappeared. Every story intimately shares the moment when a family changes forever - when a missing persons inquiry turns into a murder investigation. As each programme unfolds police and authorities investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Robbie Coltrane's Critical EvidenceRobbie Coltrane's Critical Evidence
Crime and Investigation, 2016 | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 2.5/5

Robbie Coltrane examines the most complex and baffling murder cases ever to be investigated by British police.

Killer in the FamilyKiller in the Family

In Killer in the Family, cutting-edge criminal psychologist Laura Richards explores some of the most shocking and puzzling family murders of recent years. Her mission? To uncover the early warning signs of killers, and help prevent future tragedies. Each episode sees Laura profiling a different type of family killer. She does this with the help of comprehensive access to surviving family members - the people closest to both victim and murderer. And she speaks to the police charged with investigating these hideous crimes. All the time Laura is building a profile of the murderer to shed light on not only what happened, but also to identify the warning signs that pointed towards the killer's final dreadful act.

Making a MonsterMaking a Monster

In a television first, a group of the world's leading forensic psychologists and psychiatrists come together to share their own first-hand experiences and insights into the mind of a serial killer. The brand-new UK show, Making a Monster will lead viewers on a journey through the psyches of the most notorious serial killers of all-time. Through the lens of some of the world's leading forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, each episode of Making a Monster tells the story of a killer's life - from cradle to grave. With the use of psychological formulas, the experts endeavour to explain how monumental life events can lead people to commit the most appalling of crimes. The landmark series explores the psychology of serial killers by the men and women who have sat face to face with evil.

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