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Nightmare in SuburbiaNightmare in Suburbia

Nightmare in Suburbia is the shocking series that peers behind the lace curtains of suburban Britain to expose its dark, sinful and murderous underbelly. Come with us as we reveal that criminality is not only confined to big cities. In fact some of the most gruesome and unexpected crimes in the UK's recent history have taken place amongst the most unsuspecting and apparently innocent of communities.

Kings Cross ERKings Cross ER

Set in the heart of one of the most famous locations in the world comes KINGS CROSS ER: St Vincent's Hospital, a captivating real life hospital drama premiering on Crime & Investigation Network. The fast-paced 10-part observational documentary series is filmed in one of the busiest emergency department in Australia, the world-class St Vincent's Hospital, just a stone's throw from the bustling CBD of Sydney as well as its entertainment hub, Kings Cross. Each 30 minute episode of KINGS CROSS ER: St Vincent's Hospital follows an extraordinary team doctors, nurses and specialist consultants, lead by the longest-serving Emergency Department director in Australia, Gordian Fulde, as they pull together to deal with the frenetic pace of Australia's most unique emergency ward. From performing life-saving surgery, to treating multiple stab wounds, gun shot injuries, alcohol-fuelled head traumas, drug overdoses, car crash casualties and everything inbetween, there's nothing this hi-calibre team cannot handle.

999: Killer on the Line?999: Killer on the Line?

This series looks at murders that were callously planned and premeditated, with the emergency calls originating from the killer themselves.

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