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The Escape of the SevenThe Escape of the Seven
SBS (South Korea), 2023 Running | Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

A girl who disappeared after being entangled with the lies and desires of countless people. A huge project to find that girl begins! And the unbelievable events unfolding in front of the seven people involved in the girl's disappearance, how will they escape this crisis?

Convenience Store Saet ByulConvenience Store Saet Byul
SBS (South Korea), 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Action, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Choi Dae Hyun runs into a group of female high school students, including Jung Saet Byeol. The girls look like troublemakers. Jung Saet Byeol asks Choi Dae Hyun to do an errand for them, which is to buy cigarettes from a convenience store. Choi Dae Hyun buys the cigarettes for them and Jung Saet Byeol gets his cellphone number, but he never gets a call from her. 4 years later, Choi Dae Hyun is now 33 years old. He runs a small convenience store after he quit his job at a large company. He is looking for a part-time worker to work the night shift at his convenience store. Jung Saet Byeol comes to his store and she soon starts to work there. She is not a troublemaker anymore. Jung Saet Byeol is now a university student and guided by her strong morals.

Scarlet Heart: RyeoScarlet Heart: Ryeo
SBS (South Korea), 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Fantasy, Romance, History
Rating: 4.5/5

Hae Soo is a 21st century woman who gets caught in a solar eclipse and is transported to the Goryeo Dynasty, which ruled Korea from the 10th century for nearly 500 years. Suddenly, Hae Soo finds herself in the royal palace, where she comes across Fourth Prince Wang So. A man as feared as he is handsome, Wang So is based on the real-life fourth king of the Goryeo Dynasty and makes others tremble but wins over Hae Soo's heart. However, he is not the only one in the palace with eyes on the throne, and a political battle of deception, secrecy and lies ensues between Wang So and all the other princes. Adding to the drama are Eighth Prince Wang Wook, who is less than willing to wait in line behind seven other members of the royal family, and Third Prince Wang Yo, whose right to the crown actually precedes Wang So's.

Cheer Up (2022)Cheer Up (2022)
SBS (South Korea), 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

A renowned college cheerleading squad is about to go under. But love and mysteries occur within the team.

Today's WebtoonToday's Webtoon
SBS (South Korea), 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

On Ma Eum, a rookie contract employee who works at the webtoon editorial department struggles together with her colleagues to mature into a true webtoon editor.

Through the DarknessThrough the Darkness
SBS (South Korea), 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 4/5

The story of criminal behavioral analysts who attempt to understand serial killers by reading their darkest minds begins.

One Thousand Won LawyerOne Thousand Won Lawyer
SBS (South Korea), 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama
Rating: 4.8/5

Cheon Ji Hun is a lawyer with an unusual style. His hair has a stylish perm. He charges only 1,000 won for his service, but he is one of the most skilled lawyers around. He fights against the most expensive lawyers and their rich clients, who try to get away with breaking the law. Baek Ma Ri works as a prosecutor's assistant after graduating from the Judicial Research and Training Institute. She is confident and posesses high self-esteem. Her grandfather is Baek Hyun Mu, who founded the famous Baek Law Firm and works at his law firm as a lawyer. Baek Ma Ri's life goes smoothly, but her life changes after she meets Cheon Ji Hun.

The Secret Romantic GuesthouseThe Secret Romantic Guesthouse
SBS (South Korea), 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Romance, History
Rating: 4.3/5

A drama about an incident that takes place when the owners of the boarding house called 'Guest Summer Palace', which breaks stereotypes, and boarders with secrets gather to find Lee Seol who disappeared 13 years ago.

City Hunter (KR)City Hunter (KR)
SBS (South Korea), 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 5/5

The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who's working on the international communications team at the Blue House. He encounters dangerous situations while solving a variety of cases, both big and small, for people who need his help, and eventually becomes a "city hunter."

Doctors (2016)Doctors (2016)
SBS (South Korea), 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

A rough upbringing taught Hye Jung to hold her own in a fight - but what she really strives for is a better life as a doctor who helps people.