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Descendants of the SunDescendants of the Sun
KBS2, 2016 | Drama, Romance/Dating
Rating: 5/5

A drama about the love of people who get closer as they learn to be considerate of each other in desperate times and sacrifices made by people who throw themselves into natural disasters.


Set within a hospital. A vampire works as a doctor. A battle between good and evil as well as immortal love takes place.

KBS2, 2014 | Comedy, Thriller, Romance/Dating
Rating: 5/5

Kim Moon Ho is a successful reporter at a mainstream news station, but when he stumbles upon a 10-year-old mystery, he's forced to dive into a subversive underground news agency. On his journey to break open the case, Moon Ho teams up with Chae Young Shin, a second rate tabloid writer, and Healer, a mysterious internet-based journalist. With his career and his safety on the line, who can Moon Ho trust in a world full of unreliable sources?

KBS2, 2016 | Drama, Romance/Dating, History
Rating: 5/5

The names of just few Hwarangs are recorded in history. Not many people these days truly know about Hwarangs. How did they start? How did beautiful looking young men become at the center of unifying old Korea's Three Kingdoms? To these countless questions, we look forward to finding the answers. Let's imagine how life must have been for young people of Silla back in the 6th century. Let us tell you a story about their friendships and love.

Uncontrollably FondUncontrollably Fond
KBS2, 2016 | Drama, Romance/Dating
Rating: 5/5

After a bitter breakup, a couple reunites years later as completely different people - one an egotistical superstar, and the other a materialistic documentarian.

Are You Human Too?Are You Human Too?
KBS2, 2018 | Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance/Dating
Rating: 3/5

Nam Shin is the son of a family who runs a large company. After an unexpected accident he falls into a coma. His mother, Oh Ro Ra, is an authority on brain science and artificial intelligence. She creates an android named Nam Shin III which looks just like her son. The android pretends to be Nam Shin and has a bodyguard, Kang So Bong.

Moorim SchoolMoorim School
KBS2, 2016 | Drama, Action, Romance/Dating
Rating: 4/5

The Moorim School isn't focused solely on high academic scores. The school teaches its students virtues including honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication. The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories.

Suits (KR)Suits (KR)
KBS2, 2018 | Drama, Legal | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

A legendary lawyer takes a rookie and a fraud under his wings.

Oh My VenusOh My Venus
KBS2, 2015 | Comedy, Drama, Romance/Dating
Rating: 4.5/5

In an effort to support her family, Kang Joo Eun has become a workaholic lawyer without any regard for her personal well being. Overweight, unattractive and depressed at the prime of her life, Joo Eun comes across Kim Young Ho, a renowned personal trainer who considers health a deeply personal calling. Can Young Ho and his stubborn perfectionism whip Joo Eun's body-and heart-back into shape?

The Return of SupermanThe Return of Superman
KBS2, 2013 | Comedy, Children, Reality
Rating: 3.7/5

4 celebrity dad's will take on the task of raising their kid(s) on their own without mom's help! These dads could not be more different from one another and are on different sides of the personality spectrums. The cast will include Tablo (Epik High, singer/song writer), Choo Sung Hoon (MMA Fighter), Lee Hwi Jae (MC), and Jang Hyun Sung (actor). This is an extremely cute show due to the different personalities of the kids and makes for funny moments as the fathers try to raise them in their own ways (clueless at times!). Join the ohh's and ahh's as the Superman Fathers learn a thing or two about taking care of their own kids!

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