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Great Chocolate ShowdownGreat Chocolate Showdown
Food Network (CA), 2020 Running | Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 3/5

Great Chocolate Showdown is a new ooey-gooey, decadent chocolate dessert competition series from Food Network Canada. In this sweet serialized battle, 10 home bakers go head-to-head in the indulgent world of chocolate, vying for the grand prize in a range of creative chocolate-based challenges. In order to survive the competition from week-to-week and avoid elimination, the chocaholic dessert-makers must dazzle our panel of world-renowned chocolatiers and expert food expert judges with their delicious, inventive creations. In the end, only one competitor makes it all the way to the end and is crowned the ultimate Great Chocolate Showdown champion.

The Big BakeThe Big Bake
Food Network (CA), 2019 Running | Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 2.7/5

The Big Bake is a larger-than-life holiday baking competition series with themed Halloween, holiday and spring episodes. In each episode, three professional baking teams have five hours to design, bake and decorate a grand-scale cake creation based on a particular theme. These bakers need to think big and bold, blowing up their designs to gigantic proportions and thinking outside the (bakery) box. In the end, the most ambitious, eye-popping and delicious cake will go home with a $10,000 prize.

Wall of ChefsWall of Chefs
Food Network (CA), 2020 On Hiatus | Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 3.5/5

Wall of Chefs is Food Network Canada's newest primetime cooking competition series. This exciting new format will test the skill and nerves of Canada's home cooks as they battle in the Wall of Chefs kitchen, under the towering shadow of twelve of the country's best chefs known as "The Wall". In each episode, four home cooks will enter the Wall of Chefs kitchen to face-off in three intense rounds of culinary challenges. In the first round, they must prepare their crowd-pleasers, in the second round they will be challenged to create a dish using three staple ingredients from the home fridge of one of the chefs, and in the third and final round, cooks will be inspired by a chef's signature dish to make their own restaurant-worthy creation.

Iron Chef CanadaIron Chef Canada
Food Network (CA), 2018 On Hiatus | Reality
Rating: 4/5

It's time to discover whose cuisine reigns supreme in Canada! Iron Chef Canada featuring celebrated chefs Hugh Acheson, Lynn Crawford and Susur Lee will face off in head-to-head battles with notable chef competitors from across the country. Each will have 60 minutes to prepare five dishes using a featured "secret ingredient." Dishes will be judged on taste, presentation and originality by a panel of culinary experts and industry professionals. The chef with the highest score wins that battle and supreme bragging rights.

Food Factory (CA)Food Factory (CA)

The show takes viewers behind the scenes to see how some of America's most beloved products are made. From iconic international brands to mom-and-pop products, each involves a process ripe with zigs, zags, swoops, and alleyoops as they travel down the production line. Along the way, marvel at the machinery - some mega, some miniscule - sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and revealing food science.

Junior Chef ShowdownJunior Chef Showdown
Food Network (CA), 2020 On Hiatus | Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 3/5

Small cooks display extra-large talent on Junior Chef Showdown, a new culinary competition series that showcases the abilities of extraordinary young chefs between the ages of 9 and 13. Each week they face a Skills Test and a Cooking Challenge that determine who leaves the kitchen and who survives to cook another day. Tackling everything from fresh pasta to hand-whipped meringue to perfect medium rare steak, the junior chefs wow with their technique and creativity, as well as their boundless enthusiasm and support for one another. Celebrity chefs Lynn Crawford, Anna Olson and Jordan Andino judge and mentor the participants, taking on the difficult task of honing the original 14 down to just three. The finalists go head to head for the Junior Chef Showdown title which comes with a cash prize of $25,000 and a family vacation courtesy of Air Transat.

Project BakeoverProject Bakeover
Food Network (CA), 2021 On Hiatus | Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 4/5

In Project Bakeover renowned pastry chef, master chocolatier and entrepreneur Steve Hodge throws a lifeline to struggling bakery businesses on the brink of losing it all. Drawing on his finely honed chef skills, his passion for desserts and his business acumen, Steve reinvigorates and inspires the desperate bakery owners, while design guru Tiffany Pratt transforms their tired, uninspired bakeries into warm and welcoming spaces. Together they get these businesses turned around and on the road to success.

Wall of BakersWall of Bakers
Food Network (CA), 2022 On Hiatus | Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 3/5

Taking the Wall of Chefs to even greater heights, the new spin-off Wall of Bakers challenges contestants to take on a different panel of tough judges drawn from the culinary world. Host Noah Cappe and some of Canada's best-known professional chefs watch as home bakers strive to create some of their best confections and bring home the dough: a cash prize of $10,000.

Big Food Bucket ListBig Food Bucket List
Food Network (CA), 2019 On Hiatus | Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 4/5

In Big Food Bucket List, host and comedian John Catucci (You Gotta Eat Here!) takes viewers on one-of-a-kind food adventures across North America, as he checks off the most drool-worthy dishes and must-see culinary stops along the way. Big Food Bucket List is produced by Lone Eagle Entertainment in association with Corus Studios for Food Network Canada.

Cheese: A Love StoryCheese: A Love Story

Cheese: A Love Story is an exploration and celebration of one of the world's most beloved foods through the lens of Afrim Pristine, the world's youngest Maître Fromager, or cheese master. Since childhood, cheese has been his life. Born into a family cheese business (the renown Cheese Boutique in Toronto) Afrim embraced his role as the son who would eventually carry on his family's impressive legacy. He committed early to a life built around cheese. In a six-part journey, Afrim travels to some of the most iconic places and secret hidden gems you've never heard of to show the world of cheese like it's never been seen before. From Switzerland, France and Greece, to back home in Toronto, Quebec and British Columbia; Afrim's love of cheese only grows fonder as he gets a deeper look at how each culture has made it their own.

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