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TVN (Poland), 2020 Running | Drama, Action, Crime
Rating: 5/5

On the outskirts of Opole, a young girl was murdered in a cruel and perverse way. An investigation of coverage that was one of the many victims of the psychopathic serial killer. In Warsaw, an entrepreneurial and wealthy lecturer, friend of the youth, lives in a bourgeois, stable, ideal family textbook. Very quickly we realise that he just murdered the girl found in the forest, and now he is getting ready for the murder range.

TVN (Poland), 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Drama

Before she was imprisoned, did not have the easiest life situation, mainly due to her completely unorganized and irresponsible mother - Julita. It is "Pati" who is responsible for taking care of her younger siblings - Natalka and Natanek, and her mother, who is involved in the criminal world and drugs. Despite the adversities, he does not give up fighting for his dreams.

Project Runway PolandProject Runway Poland

The show follows a group of fashion designers as they compete against each other to avoid being "the next fashion victim" and win the competition. The programme is based upon the US reality show Project Runway.

Ślub od pierwszego wejrzeniaŚlub od pierwszego wejrzenia
TVN (Poland), 2016 Running | Documentary, Reality

The participants find out who they'll going to marry just before doing it. Through the episodes we see the newlyweds first moments together. In the last episode, after a month of marriage, they decide whether they want to stay together or get divorced.

Prawo AgatyPrawo Agaty
TVN (Poland), 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Comedy

Prawo Agaty is a Polish legal drama TV show directed by Maciej Migas. The series follows the life of Agata Przybysz, portrayed by Agnieszka Dygant, who is a lawyer based in Warsaw. The show revolves around Agata's personal and professional life as she handles various cases. The series is known for its realistic portrayal of the legal system in Poland.

Druga SzansaDruga Szansa
TVN (Poland), 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Drama

Monika is a modern career woman. She leads a seemingly perfect life: a sought-after star agent, has the money and attractive man at his side. He loves life in the big city, you do not part with your phone, and is up to date with the latest from Facebook. Monika is ambitious, very hard-working and full of ideas on life. In the meanders of show-business moves like a fish in water. Her closest friend is Sara Daymer (Magdalena Boczarska), famous actress and celebrity. They form a perfect tandem - walk together on trade events to the trendiest clubs of the capital, drinking champagne with the biggest stars of Polish cinema. Monika is convinced that it has achieved everything they dreamed, and before it can be tackled just another staircase to the top. Unfortunately...

Przepis na życiePrzepis na życie
TVN (Poland), 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama

The main character of the series "Recipe for life" is Anna (played by Magdalena Kumorek), seemingly typical wife and mother. In pursuit of daily work and home responsibilities, she did not notice that boredom crept into her life, and a new woman appeared alongside her husband Andrzej (Piotr Adamczyk). And unexpectedly comes the day when her everyday life crumbles into a tiny poppy like a porcelain cup. Fortunately, Anna's side is her teenage daughter Mania (Aleksandra Radwanska), friend Pola (Edyta Olszowka) and mother Irena (Dorota Kolak), who will not let her cry over spilled milk. By chance, Anna will start working in a restaurant, discovering her passion and talent for cooking. Will Anna finding out the secrets of the kitchen find the way to her own heart?

On KnivesOn Knives
TVN (Poland), 2016 Running | Drama, Cooking/Food

Chef Jacek quits his job. With the help of friends, he decides to open his own restaurant.

Układ WarszawskiUkład Warszawski
TVN (Poland), 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Crime

Układ Warszawski is a Polish television crime series that premiered on September 4, 2011 on TVN. The series directed by Łukasz Jaworski. It is broadcast every Sunday at 10:00 pm on channel TVN. The series finale aired on November 27, 2011. On October 27, 2011, TVN cancelled Warsaw Pact after one season. The reason was too low ratings and little interest in the production. The series follows fortunes of Marek Oporny, a new policeman of the Criminal and Investigation Department in police station in Czerniaków. Before that, Marek have to get along with new colleagues "criminal old stagers": Kosa, Sikorek and his commissioner partner Zuza Szarek.

Belle EpoqueBelle Epoque
TVN (Poland), 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Crime

The main character is Jan Edigey-Korycki (Paweł Małaszyński), who returns to his hometown - Krakow to unravel the shocking murder of his beloved mother. In this helps him his friend, Henry Skarżyński (Eryk Lubos), and his sister, Veronica (Anna Próchnika), who lead the first forensic laboratory in Galicia. John meets there also his unhappy love - Constance (Magdalena Cielecka).