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Vivir sin permisoVivir sin permiso
Telecinco, 2018 | Drama, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 4.8/5

Drug trafficking and power struggles surround Nemo Bandeira, an entrepreneur who launders his image to become one of the most influential businessmen in the canning industry. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Nemo must choose a successor to lead his empire, sparking internal struggles between his potential heirs.

Telecinco, 2022 | Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

The story of Tirso Abantos, a quiet man whose existence changes when his grandaughter appears in his life.

La que se avecinaLa que se avecina
Telecinco, 2007 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Follow the lives of those living in a block of luxurious flats in Spain. The show explores the problems faced by the inhabitants and the impact of the Spanish property bubble. The series also delves into the difficulties faced by young people searching for a place to live in the same building.

I Know Who You AreI Know Who You Are

A man ends up in hospital after a car accident. He does not remember his name, but it is soon discovered he is a famous attorney. To make things worse, the police starts to suspect him of having murdered his missing niece.

O sabor das margaridasO sabor das margaridas

Rosa Vargas is a novice Civil Guard agent who arrives in the Galician town of Muriás to confront her first case, in which she must investigate the disappearance of a young woman named Marta Labrada, lost in strange circumstances. Although everything points to Marta leaving the town on her own, Rosa goes further and discovers a dark secret that surrounds the small town of Muriás, where apparently nothing ever happens.

Drug Squad: Costa del SolDrug Squad: Costa del Sol

Four intrepid and impulsive police officers form a special narcotics unit to combat the birth of drug trafficking on Spain's Costa del Sol in the 1970s

Señoras del (h)AMPASeñoras del (h)AMPA

Four women from different walks of life are brought together by a murder they accidentally committed. Mayte, Lourdes, Virginia, and Amparo are now entangled in a web of criminal acts. Señoras del (h)AMPA follows these women as they try to keep their secret hidden while dealing with their own personal struggles. This Spanish series is a thrilling mix of comedy, drama, and crime.

La verdad (2017)La verdad (2017)

'La verdad' is based on a true story. The story about the disappearance of a small girl, Paula García, in very strange circumstances, that after eight years reappears in the lives of her family and friends at the age of 17.

Lejos de tiLejos de ti

Could it be more than coincidence? Candela, a lovely, vivacious Flamenco dancer from Seville, literally bumps into Massimo, good-looking Roman businessman, when they are stranded at Prague Airport. Poles apart and off to a rocky start, they somehow keep colliding. Even back home. In Seville, Candela's life is difficult, with a small son, an ex-husband serving time in prison and months behind on her rent, while Massimo in Rome is due to marry and desperate to keep his struggling business afloat. Somehow they inexplicably keep meeting, yet only they can see each other. Despite the distance between them, they are materializing in each other's mind and communicating all the time, often at the most inconvenient moments. Everyone around them thinks they are nuts. And pretty soon, so do they. They talk, bicker, trade advice, and try to shut out the rest of the world. Hallucination? Delusion? Or could they be made for each other? Sometimes destiny won't take "no" for an answer.

Chiringuito de PepeChiringuito de Pepe

The series revolves around a chef who faces the difficult challenge of saving from ruin one of the worst restaurants in the country: a beach bar that had better times and is run by a family clan.

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