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RTL 4, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Romance

This comic drama about three very different men between 35 and 45 who are in the midst of a divorce and forced to move in with each other. They share the joys and sorrows, and ultimately creates a deep male friendship.

RTL 4, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Thriller, Biography

udas is a dutch series of 6 episodes. It tells the story of a dutch criminal and his family. The series is based on the book of Astrid Holleeder, the sister of Willem. It is a story about the Amsterdam Criminal underworld and of the consequences for the family of Willem.

The SwingersThe Swingers
RTL 4, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Drama
Rating: 5/5

A TV drama series for RTL based on the bestseller by Saskia Noort. Peter (Daan Schuurmans) and Eva (Bracha van Doesburgh), a young couple expecting their first child, buy a house in a suburban village. Before they get to move into their new home, they lose their baby girl. Eva has a hard time coping with her loss, while Peter has mixed feelings. The baby wasn't his to begin with. He's infertile and hopes the chapter of having children has now come to an end. Then they meet their new neighbours Rebecca and Steven, a carefree, outgoing couple who help them forget their pain. But are they really who they say they are?

LEGO Masters (NL)LEGO Masters (NL)
RTL 4, 2020 Running | Reality, Game Show

Dutch version of the LEGO Masters game-show. Each week, contestants are set tasks to build items out of LEGO in line with a designated theme and are judged on their results. Contestants are then eliminated from the competition on a knock out basis culminating in a winner.

De VerradersDe Verraders
RTL 4, 2021 Running | Game Show
Rating: 3/5

18 famous Dutch people show themselves from a side they've never shown before. Dirty play gets free play. Can the allies unmask the three traitors in the party, or are they one step ahead of them?

The Voice (NL)The Voice (NL)
RTL 4, 2010 On Haitus | Reality, Music

The Voice of Holland is a Dutch reality singing competition hosted by Martijn Krabbé and Wendy van Dijk. Four coaches train the talents in blind auditions. The show's music is provided by a live band: the Edwin Evers Band. Talents are selected based on the quality of their singing talent.

Bureau RotterdamBureau Rotterdam
RTL 4, 2023 Running | Crime, Reality

Ewout Genemans follows the police unit in Rotterdam. The presenter follows twelve agents for weeks, divided into six duos. From chases and catching thieves to children walking around with weapons, and from traffic accidents and fights to confused people with suicidal thoughts: Ewout experiences everything again. During those intense situations, he sympathizes with the officers and gets to know the person behind the uniform.

Jo Frost: Nanny on TourJo Frost: Nanny on Tour
RTL 4, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

Utility program where the international parenting expert Jo Frost comes to the rescue of Dutch families. Children who do not listen to their parents is a problem of everyday life and of all time. Only if the parents is a matter of survival and it affects their relationship, it is high time for the British nanny Jo Frost. In each episode, she helps a family in their home. Jo does that by making a thorough assessment of the issues. After Jo's coaching and tips it to the family itself to go to work. This process is closely monitored by Jo and she jumps in when necessary, so the family is really ready for the future together. Besides the families they assist at home, Jo has special office hours in their mobile office where everyone is welcome for appropriate parenting advice.

RTL 4, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Adventure, Crime
Rating: 5/5

Moordvrouw is a Dutch police series featuring renowned Dutch actress Ren. The show follows a team of detectives as they solve various crimes. The series is known for its suspenseful plotlines and strong performances from its cast. Moordvrouw has gained a loyal following since its premiere in 2012.

The Voice Kids (NL)The Voice Kids (NL)
RTL 4, 2012 On Haitus | Children, Music, Game Show

The Voice Kids (NL) is a Dutch version of the popular TV series franchise The Voice, in which children participate as contestants. The show features a panel of coaches who mentor the young singers and help them prepare for their performances, with the aim of discovering the next generation of singing stars.

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