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The Voice Kids (NL)

The Voice Kids is a version of The Voice TV series franchise in which children participate.

Gooische Vrouwen
RTL 4,


| Drama

Gooische Vrouwen is a Dutch drama series, created by Linda de Mol for her brother John's Tien channel. Favourably compared to Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City, the series chronicles the lives of four upper-class women residing in Het Gooi (the Dutch equivalent of Beverly Hills) and ran from 2005 to 2009. It was the biggest success on the otherwise ill-fated Tien, and after the closure of Tien the series continued on RTL. Gooische Vrouwen has since been sold to Germany (for which version Linda De Mol dubbed her own voice), Belgium and France.

Benidorm Bastards (NL)

Hidden camera prank show featuring old people.

Oh Oh Cherso
RTL 4,


| Reality
Rating: 4/5

Eight unique and typical Hagenezen swap their beloved Hague, for the Greek resort of Chersonissos. They share joys and sorrows and party till they drop. Meanwhile, they do some work to make ends meet. They provide real Hague humor, wonder, argue, and have fun. Will they get the summer of their lives or will they long back for their beautiful city behind the dunes?

Chantal Blijft Slapen
RTL 4,


| Reality

TV show in which Chantal Janzen stays at the homes of various famous Dutch people. In her own way she infiltrates the private lives of the fellow Dutchies, which gives a unique and personal look into the lives of the human behind the celebrity.

All you need is Love

Love program in which Robert ten Brink finds love, fixes broken hearts and operates as a true matchmaker.

De Fabeltjeskrant
RTL 4,


| Children

A daily short broadcast just before children's bedtime on Dutch television about the events in a animal forst called: Fabeltjesland.

Lekker Slim

In Lekker Slim a hundred male candidates have to estimate which answer women have given to a question.

Oh Oh Tirol
RTL 4,


| Reality
Rating: 4/5

Oh Oh Tirol, we see the people of The Hague from Oh Oh Cherso back on skis and do in Tirol.

Kees & Co
RTL 4,


| Comedy

Kees & Co is a successful Dutch comedy. It is about the housewife Kees, played by Simone Kleinsma, her family and her best friend Sonja.

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