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Ninja Warrior NL

The world's top fighters, wrestlers, and athletes compete in one of the most difficult physical contests ever devised.

Herman de Blijker: Herrie in de Keuken

Cooking show where in chefkok Herman de Blijker helps failing restaurants.

RTL 4,


| Comedy, Family

Aaf is the head of the ultimate middle class family. The family consisting of mother Aaf, father Ton and pubescent children Marie and Jozefien, and little Bennie. The familiarity of the everyday concerns, the marriage with the corresponding family, eternal battle over the household and the family love that holds everything together, are central in this brand new RTL 4 - series.

Geer en Goor: Waarheen, Waarvoor?

Dutch TV show about older people on a holiday trip. Hosts are Gerard and Gordon.

Real Men (NL)
RTL 4,


| Family, Reality

Reality TV where hairy guys face the ultimate challenge in the province to improve their health and fitness. With a good dose of humor, the men say goodbye to their beer belly and welcome them condition!

Geer & Goor: Effe Geen Cent Te Makken
RTL 4,


| Reality

Geer & Goor are back! Only this time suits they just different. The wealthy duo leave all the luxuries they have come to expect for what it is and live a month long at the same amount a random AOW couple receives. And that's not as easy as desired. This all do the Elderly gentlemen to call attention to the National Fund.

I Love Holland
RTL 4,


| Game Show
Rating: 4/5

A popular Dutch family game-Show with celebrity guests.

Zie Ze Vliegen

The Dutch version of "Come Fly with Me"

Moord of Zelfmoord

This program investigates crime. Journalist Kees van der Spek and lawyer Sébas Diekstra investigate cases that have been labeled as suicides by the police. Family and loved ones of the deceased, however, question this conclusion. They continue to walk around with the grueling question: what is happening

RTL Late night

A late night talk show hosted by Humberto Tan.

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