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Help, Mijn Man Is Klusser!
RTL 4,


| Family, Reality

Construction program in which John Williams visits desperate partners of do-it-yourselfers, who have been camping with crooked toes between unfinished or improperly executed projects for a long time.

Uitstel van Executie

Uitstel van Executie helps people who have heard from their mortgage lender that their house will be sold at auction. Together with a real estate agent, Martijn Krabbé uses two sales stylists, an architectural and a professional budget coach, to do everything to help these people and to limit the enormous financial damage.

Echt waar?!
RTL 4,


| Comedy, Game Show
Rating: 4/5

Comedic entertainment show, presented by Jack Spijkerman, in which comedians Ruben van der Meer and Tijl Beckand face each other in convincing the studio audience.

Oh Oh Daar Gaan We Weer

You thought Oh Oh Cherso time already far over the edge? Well then make your chest but wet, there is a farm-fresh batch Hagenezen ready for a new adventure across the border in Oh Oh Here We Go Again. Wesley, Shady, Nicky, Amanda, Damian, Genieviève, Simone and Angelica deposit ziich into the nightlife of the Spanish Majorca for an unforgettable vacation.

Carlo's TV Cafe

Carlo Boszhard presents this personality show in which all his talents come together. He can be seen as a flamboyant host, engaged interviewer, masterful impersonator and exuberant show host.

Een Dubbeltje Op Zijn Kant
RTL 4,


| Reality

A show about families who are in deep financial trouble.

Eigen Huis & Tuin

Construction show where designs of well-known stylists and the latest trends are being examined.

De Jongens tegen de Meisjes

In every episode a team of boys and a team of girls face each other in divert challenges.

De Tiende van Tijl
RTL 4,


| Music

Tijl Beckand provides classical music with a modern twist.

Herrie in het Hotel

Herman den Blijker and mr. Reimers take a closer look at a number of failing hotels in this fourth series.

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