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Conan the AdventurerConan the Adventurer
FOX, 1992 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
Rating: 3/5

Conan was created by Robert E. Howard, who wrote novels based on the legendary barbarian. This animated series follows the legendary barbarian as he struggles against Wrath-Amon and his legions of evil.

Greg the BunnyGreg the Bunny
FOX, 2002 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 3.3/5

Can puppets and humans live side by side? In the world of Greg the Bunny, they can. Set in Hollywood, land of movie stars and struggling actors of all fabrics, Greg the Bunny (Dan Milano), a squeaky-voiced rabbit puppet, longs to live the high life - one where he's got a job or something. Greg's best friend and roommate, Jimmy Bender (Seth Green), is a slacker - not to mention a human. Jimmy's father, Gil (Eugene Levy), is the blunt and perpetually nervous executive producer/director of the low-budget (and low-rated) children's show, Sweetknuckle Junction. A cross between Sesame Street and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Sweetknuckle mixes the fun of trains with the joy of letters and numbers, and is brought to you by the human co-stars, Junction Jack (Bob Gunton), the conductor, and Dottie Sunshine (Dina Waters), the helper, with funding provided by the puppet co-stars, Professor Ape (Dan Milano), the scholarly monkey, and Count Blah (Drew Massey), the counting vampire. Off-ca

FOX, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Action, Adventure, Celebrities

The show pits two teams - featuring the nation's funniest celebrities and comedians - against each other in a series of showdowns designed to hilariously test mind and body. Throughout the game, the competitors must think on their feet as the teams face unpredictable song, dance and sketch challenges, often while navigating the show's trademark one-of-a-kind set, tilted at a 22.5 degree angle.

The Cramp TwinsThe Cramp Twins
FOX, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Animation

Meet Wayne and Lucien Cramp. They're 10-year-old twins with zero in common! Wayne likes fighting, collecting weird stuff and stuffing his face with candy. And he's blue - literally! Lucien is a vegetarian who is totally into knitting, studying and saving the world.

The ChoiceThe Choice
FOX, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Celebrities, Romance, Reality

This is a celebrity dating show that is similar in style to "The Voice". Celebrity contestants will be competing for dates in a group of singles they can't see.

Judge JerryJudge Jerry
FOX, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Reality
Rating: 1/5

The iconic Jerry Springer will slide from the stage to behind the bench using law and order to settle disputeson his new show. "Judge Jerry" will take on actual cases from real people. In each episode, Judge Springer will hear cases and render a verdict with a fair yet firm hand and always leave litigants with a dose of classic Springer wisdom

FOX, 1999 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 2.5/5

A politically incorrect show that was rude, sexist, homophobic. . . and hilarious. Peter Dragon is a movie producer. His latest film has tanked and he is struggling. He decides that his next movie has to be the greatest action film he has ever made. His company buys the wrong script and Dragon's rage begins. He sets out to get the right movie and create the best action film ever.

American Country AwardsAmerican Country Awards
FOX, 2010 Cancelled/Ended | Music, Award Show
Rating: 1/5

Get ready for the ultimate country music showdown! The American Country Awards is a fan-voted awards show that celebrates the best in country music. From the hottest chart-toppers to rising stars, this show is packed with performances, surprises, and unforgettable moments. Don't miss a beat of this must-see event!

Snoops (1999)Snoops (1999)
FOX, 1999 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Action, Crime
Rating: 1/5

In this detective series with a comical note, Glenn Hall runs an unconventional flashy Private Detective's agency in LA, means business above all, never mind the rules if she can get around them.

The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance PoliceThe Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police
FOX, 1997 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure

Sam and Max is about a dog and a rabbity thing. That's what you would think when you first see it. Then you would notice that the dog is six feet tall and dresses like a Canine Columbo. You would also take note that the rabbit is 3 feet tall and wears nothing but a manic grin. These bizarre creatures are Sam and Max, the Freelance Police. Getting their orders in the form of brief, cryptic phone calls from the Commissioner, a man who they have never met but is the duo's only contact with any real government agency, Sam and Max battle evil villains everywhere from the moon to the past to their back yard. They are assisted by The Geek, a teenage genius who lives in Sam and Max's Sub-Basement of Solitude. Throughout all of their battles and quests, Sam and Max's own style of humor, although zany and weird, allows them to make it in what they do.