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The Rebel BillionaireThe Rebel Billionaire
FOX, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

Richard Branson, the thrill-seeking founder of the Virgin Group of Companies (including airline, publishing, music and hotel empires), whisks 16 lucky Americans to a variety of international destinations to undertake elimination challenges - physical and daredevil-type stunts as well as "Apprentice"-style business tasks. The last contestant left standing wins $1 million and a stint as president of one of Branson's companies.

Galidor: Defenders of the Outer DimensionGalidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension
FOX, 2002 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Adventure, Mystery, Children

The show is centered around the journey of Nick Bluetooth, a 15-year-old boy whose life is turned upside-down after receiving a strange floating alien map over his bed on the eve of his 15th birthday. The map leads Nicholas and his best (and only) friend, Allegra Zane, to a hidden Dimensional Transport Vehicle nicknamed the Egg. Nicholas unknowingly activates the egg and sends himself and Allegra into the Outer Dimension, where they find themselves as part of an intrepid group attempting to save Galidor, which is being targeted by the sinister Gorm. The kingdom of Galidor is protected by an immense door that could only open by an egg-shaped key, which was split in pieces across the Outer Dimension to prevent Gorm from entering Galidor. If Nick and his friends don't find the pieces before Gorm does, then the entire Outer Dimension will fall under his rule.

Rachel Gunn, R.N.Rachel Gunn, R.N.
FOX, 1992 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

Rachel Gunn, R.N. follows the lives of nurses, a doctor, orderly, nutritionist, and a nun on the fourth floor of Little Innocence hospital. Despite being cancelled early, this show was praised for its authentic portrayal of medical professionals and their daily challenges.

Love Cruise: The Maiden VoyageLove Cruise: The Maiden Voyage
FOX, 2001 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

From the creators of MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, Fox - the network that brought us Temptation Island - brings us the hottest new reality show on TV, Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage , a mix of Survivor, Temptation Island and The Love Boat. 16 singles, 8 men and 8 women, put together on a boat, sailing through the Caribbean waters in the way to Aruba, to play a seduction game where only one couple will put their hands on a handsome 200,000 dollars reward and get to travel around the world. If they're lucky enough, they might even find the love of their lives. Every 48 hours the couples are switched, and at the end of these 48 hours each group has to vote one person from the opposite sex out of the boat, who is sent to "Loser Island" (Aruba) until the last couple is defined. From time to time, the couples will compete among them for "the switch card". The person that gets the switch card has the power to change someone who was voted off the boat for another that was not.

Oliver BeeneOliver Beene
FOX, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Adventure

Set in 1962, this show follows the hilarious misadventures of an eleven year old boy and his wacky family.

The Jury (2004)The Jury (2004)
FOX, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Legal

The Jury puts a twist on the typical courtroom drama by focusing the action on what transpires behind the locked door of the jury deliberation room. Those scenes are intercut with flashbacks of testimony and crime footage which reveal the facts of the case, and ultimately, after the verdict is reached, the events of the actual crime.Each week, a different case, and a different set of twelve people.

Daddy DearestDaddy Dearest
FOX, 1993 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

Dr. Steven Mitchell (Richard Lewis), a psychologist, lives in Manhattan with his son Danny, and his father Al (Don Rickles). While both Steven and Al are separated from their significant others (with Steven taking the extra step of divorcing his wife), Steven is attempting to get his dad back together with Helen. The "good son" act is more about trying to reduce the hostility at home.

A.J.'s Time TravelersA.J.'s Time Travelers
FOX, 1994 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Adventure, Sci-Fi

A.J., a teenage boy, is given a computer disk by an eccentric neighbor inscribed with "SCIENTIA EST POTENTA" (Latin for "knowledge is power"). When downloaded, A.J. was transported to a time-traveling ship called the Kryos and made captain in the crew's effort to stave off a villain called Warp. Warp sought to capture the Kryos in order to use its knowledge for evil, but could only do so if A.J. failed to answer any of three questions he posed.

FOX, 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Mystery, Reality, Game Show

"Unan1mous" takes nine contestants and locks them in bunker where they vote on which one of them will win the $1.5 million cash prize. The strange and exciting part of the show is that it could end at any time as the longer it takes for the contestants to decide who takes the prize, the less money will be available.

More to LoveMore to Love
FOX, 2009 Cancelled/Ended | Romance, Reality

More to Love is a reality show from FOX that follows a single, plus-size man in search of love. Each week, one full-figured lady is voted off Bachelor-style. The show challenges societal norms by showcasing diverse body types and promoting body positivity. It premiered in 2009 and has since become a beloved classic in the reality TV genre.