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When Hope CallsWhen Hope Calls
Hallmark Movies, 2019 | Drama, Family, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.5/5

When Hope Calls is a Hallmark streaming series, derived from When Calls the Heart. It follows two sisters who open an orphanage in the early 1900s. The show is set in the small town of Brookfield, and features heartwarming stories of love, family, and community. It is a spin-off of the popular Hallmark Channel series, and the first streaming series produced by Hallmark.

The Crossword MysteriesThe Crossword Mysteries

A brilliant crossword puzzle editor finds her life turned upside-down when she is pulled into a police investigation after several of the clues in her recent puzzles are linked to unsolved crimes. The lure of an unsolved puzzle leads to an unlikely partnership working with a tough, but charming police detective as the two set out to solve the murder before the killer strikes again.

The Chronicle MysteriesThe Chronicle Mysteries
Hallmark Movies, 2019 | Drama, Crime, Mystery | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

Roberta "Robbie" McPherson, a novelist and podcaster, is researching the cold case of Gina DeSavio. Robbie loves the chase, loves solving any puzzle or mystery. She is particularly interested in Gina's disappearance because Robbie and Gina knew each other as children growing up in a small town. Robbie is also Miles Lawrence's niece, the owner of the local paper the Harrington Chronicle, and she's about to inherit the paper.

Ruby Herring MysteriesRuby Herring Mysteries
Hallmark Movies, 2019 | Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.1/5

Ruby Herring Mysteries is a series of TV movies that air on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. The show is a mystery series that follows Ruby Herring, a crime-solving journalist. Each movie in the series features Ruby working with a detective to solve a murder case. The show is known for its suspenseful plotlines and strong female lead.

Emma Fielding MysteriesEmma Fielding Mysteries
Hallmark Movies, 2017 | Drama, Mystery, Romance
Rating: 4.5/5

Emma Fielding Mysteries is a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries TV series based on novels by Dana Cameron. Courtney Thorne-Smith stars as Emma Fielding in 'Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery'. The series follows Emma Fielding, a historical archaeologist who solves mysteries. The show premiered on June 4th on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Gourmet DetectiveGourmet Detective
Hallmark Movies, 2015 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Romance
Rating: 3.5/5

Famed culinary consultant Henry Ross is a charming food industry insider in San Francisco. When suspicious sabotage ends in a shocking murder at his friend's five-star restaurant, Henry is put on the case with strong-willed police detective and single mom, Maggie Price. Despite Maggie's protests, they must work together to decipher the clues and investigate all of San Francisco's top culinary pros.

The Matchmaker MysteriesThe Matchmaker Mysteries
Hallmark Movies, 2019 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Romance
Rating: 4.2/5

Patricia Sill, is a professional matchmaker with a keen understanding of human nature that allows her to assess the lovelorn and successfully bring them together. When one of her carefully vetted clients becomes the prime suspect in a murder mystery, Patricia is determined to get to the truth and clear her client's name, as well as preserve her professional reputation. As she investigates, Patricia bickers and banters with Sam Kaplan, the police officer working the case, but the growing mutual attraction between the two is no mystery.

Picture Perfect MysteriesPicture Perfect Mysteries
Hallmark Movies, 2019 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Rating: 5/5

A skilled photographer uses her eye for detail to solve crimes alongside a local detective, uncovering the truth behind seemingly perfect pictures. With a mix of suspense and drama, Picture Perfect Mysteries keeps you guessing until the very end. Get ready to uncover the truth behind the lens.

Flower Shop MysteryFlower Shop Mystery
Hallmark Movies, 2016 | Drama, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 4.3/5

The show is based on the novel by Kate Collins. Abby Knight, a former lawyer turned flower shop owner, is starting over after the death of her husband with the support of her father and her daughter, who recently left for college. Life is good in the peaceful town of New Chapel, but when an SUV rams her prized vintage car, she's determined to track down the driver. She begrudgingly accepts the help of a new neighbor, the handsome and charming ex-Marine Marco Salvare. But their budding relationship is threatened when an acquaintance is murdered and Abby's good friend is the prime suspect - and it all links back to the hit and run. Caught up in a tangle of menacing phone calls, police corruption and murderous road rage, Abby must work against the clock to find the killer or the next flower arrangement might be for her own funeral.

Curious CatererCurious Caterer
Hallmark Movies, 2022 | Crime, Mystery, Romance
Rating: 3/5

Curious Caterer follows the story of a Colorado caterer called Goldy, a spirited single mom who's thrust into the role of town sleuth, and joins forces with a detective to solve a murder case.