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Lars is eleven years old and a half-zombie, or "living unliving" as the politically correct term goes. In his new hometown, Lars's kind are rare and frowned upon. But, he soon discovers others who are different too: a ninja, a witch, a troll and a changeling, to mention some. Together, they explore their true nature in a conformist and deeply prejudiced society.


In the series we follow Lisa for 12 years, a great talent in classical ballet. With Lisa starring her class is invited to show at the Norwegian Opera. Lisa herself is restless, and getting fed all the rules of ballet. During a visit to the local youth, she spectator to a hip hop battle, and is fascinated by the free and wild dance of group AF1-All For One. Lisa tries to join in AF1, but soon discovers that hip hop is not only freely and easily as she first thought. In his quest for acceptance from AF1 violate she eventually with the ballet, and the whole performance of the opera is in jeopardy.