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CTC (RU), 2012 | Comedy, Drama, Adventure
Rating: 5/5

Maksim "Max" Lavrov wants to become a great chef. But he finds out that the kitchen isn't the place for an easy career. And in restaurant "Claude Monet" this job looks even harder and much more complicated than just cooking.

Hotel EleonHotel Eleon

The new series of CTC, which will continue the story of the hit comedy "Kitchen". Chef Victor Barinov retired and Eleanor Andreevna met the man of her dreams and moved to St. Petersburg - this ended the final season of "Kitchen". But life in the hotel and the restaurant continues: Michael Dzhekovich still responsible for order in the "Eleon" chef Victor restaurant appointed Senya, and her daughter gets an unexpected boost, which is not pleased with the bone. Everything goes on as usual, while the hotel is not headed by Paul - unlucky nephew of former mistress. In order not to disappoint Aunt and save the business, he entices Brussels Supermenedzher Sofia Tolstaya. New management sets its own rules, and now the hotel is waiting for major changes that overturned upside down not only the habitual way of "Eleon", but the characters and personal plans.

Grand (2018)Grand (2018)
CTC (RU), 2018 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Ambitious and adventurous fifth-year student of the Altai University of Tourism and Recreation Ksenia Zavgorodnyaya wants to work in the hotel business and open her own hotel. But the obsessive attention of the rector threatens not only Ksusha's plans, but also her further education at the university. The girl finds the brave, at the same time very scandalous way out of the situation, after which she has to flee from her native Barnaul. In Moscow, Ksyusha expects to get a job at the hotel "Grand Lion", where her father works. However, in the capital's hotel the girl encounters confusion: in connection with the arrival of a new eccentric owner everything changes from management to the name. Taking advantage of the turmoil, enterprising Xenia appears to be a certified specialist and tries to get into a hotel for a high position. Cheating is exposed quickly and the girl has only one chance to get a job - to become a washerwoman, starting a career from the very bottom step of the hotel social ladder. Can Ksenia curb the adventurous character, stay away from the new owner and become his own in a well-coordinated team of the hotel?

CTC (RU), 2013 | Drama, Sports
Rating: 5/5

Molodezhka is a Russian TV series which airs on STS. The series tells the story of a junior hockey club named The Bears.

Uralskie pelmeniUralskie pelmeni
CTC (RU), 2003 | Comedy

Russian humorous show, running since 2009. Participants of the show - funny and brave, cute and unpredictable, always different. They will not miss and will give a good mood for the whole family. The show includes a separate stage of history, and improvisation with the audience, as well as funny scenes with the stars.

Last of MagikyanLast of Magikyan

Karen Magikyan - a man who does not bend under the changing world. He has monochrome mobile phone, does not send e-mails, and never talk on Skype. Karen lifelong dream of son, but brings up 3 daughters. Karen Magikyan - true Armenian, and tradition for him - above all.

Two Fathers and Two SonsTwo Fathers and Two Sons
CTC (RU), 2013 | Comedy

Pavel, Victor and Vlad are grandfather, father and son who are forced to live together...

Классная КатяКлассная Катя
CTC (RU), 2022 | Comedy

The mayor of Moscow sends his crazy daughter to teach geography to high school students. To increase her father's rating, a daring and capricious girl will have to get closer to the inhabitants of the city and make friends with teachers.

Londongrad (2015)Londongrad (2015)

Russian comedy detective series centers around a 'fixing' agency set up to troubleshoot problems for rich Russians in London.

Papiny DochkiPapiny Dochki

Daddy's Daughters or "Papiny Dochki" is a popular Russian Sitcom that follows the life of a single dad who is doing his best to survive and take care of his five daughters.The show is absolutely hilarious and considered a classic in the aspect of comedy.

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