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Pepper DennisPepper Dennis
WB, 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Comedy
Rating: 3/5

Pepper Dennis is a reporter aiming to anchor Chicago's top-rated evening news broadcast. Her sister Kathy, recently separated and needy, complicates her life. The series follows Pepper's professional and personal life as she navigates through the challenges of her career and the dynamics of her family. Kathy's presence adds a layer of complexity to Pepper's already demanding life.

The Mummy: The Animated SeriesThe Mummy: The Animated Series
WB, 2001 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 5/5

It began in Ancient Egypt, with an evil high priest named Imhotep, who possessed the Scrolls of Thebes and sought to steal the Manacle of Osiris. They would give him the power to make the world his own. Fortunately, he failed. Three thousand years later, the Manacle was rediscovered, but something went terribly wrong, and the Mummy rose again! Now the race is on to find the ancient Scrolls and in the balance, pin a young boy's fate and mankind's future.

MegaMan: NT WarriorMegaMan: NT Warrior
WB, 2002 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Action, Animation
Rating: 5/5

The year is 200X, and everything electronic is connected by internet. In this world, there is no one, rich or poor, who does not own a PET (Personal Terminal), and there is not one PET that does not house a NetNavi, an AI Unit that has the power to delete Viruses and the like. Net Battles (where Operators battle their NetNavis) are popular in this era. That is where Lan Hikari and his NetNavi and best friend, Megaman come in. Striving to become the best NetBattlers, they fight Net Crime and protect the net and real world alike from the likes of the evil terrorist organization the World 3.

WB, 1996 Cancelled/Ended | Drama
Rating: 2/5

Set in the southern city of Savannah, Georgia, the series revolves around three female friends: rich girl Reese, noble Lane and scheming bad girl Peyton. Lane McKenzie had left Savannah after graduating from college to become a successful journalist in New York City; she returns for the wedding of her childhood best friend, Reese Burton, who is marrying Travis Peterson. Finding out that her apartment in New York has been robbed, Lane tries to collect on an inheritance - only to find out that Travis has stolen every last penny of it. Reese finds out that Travis has been having an affair with a girl he calls "Bunny" and is devastated; the other woman is secretly Peyton, daughter of the Burton family maid and Reese's friend. Travis is soon found dead.

The Steve Harvey ShowThe Steve Harvey Show
WB, 1996 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

In the series, former R&B star Steve Hightower gives up his wild times for school ties, becoming an inner-city Chicago music teacher - and eventually a vice principal - with a ragtag bunch of classroom charges. Headlining the Hi-Tops soul group - who opened for the likes of Gladys Knight and the Pips - Hightower's touring career never quite hit the high note he expected. Down on his luck, and totally out of money, he decides to let go of his carefree lifestyle and pin down a "real" job.

Pinky, Elmyra & the BrainPinky, Elmyra & the Brain
WB, 1998 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi, Animation

Pinky and the Brain, those two genetically engineered lab mice, are homeless now that Acme Labs is no more. And the mice are in need of a place to hide as a secret organization wants to apprehend Brain. While hiding in a pet shop, the mice wound up getting bought by Elmyra Duff. Now the mice are forced to operate from Elmyra's house and endure her twisted ways of caring for animals. Despite all of these new complications, Pinky and the Brain still continue to try to take over the world.

Cubix: Robots for Everyone Cubix: Robots for Everyone
WB, 2001 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Action, Adventure, Children

Cubix: Robots for Everyone takes place in the year 2040 in Bubble Town where robots outnumber humans. Robots are made in RobixCorp. Everyone has a robot, each with its own unique duty. This show centers around the Botties, a special club for people who know how to fix robots. But robots are going crazy all over Bubble Town all of a sudden, and no one knows why. The villain of the series, Dr. K, is after a greenish blue liquid known as Solex, which is what's making the robots go crazy, and he will stop at nothing to get it.

Grosse PointeGrosse Pointe
WB, 2000 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 1/5

A satirical look at the behind-the-scenes action of a teen prime-time soap. Follow the on and off-camera antics of five actors starring in a high school drama called Grosse Pointe. Grosse Pointe is a show-within-a-show comedy from Darren Star. It takes a humorous approach to the entertainment industry, showcasing the drama behind the camera as well as on it.

The Parent 'Hood (1995)The Parent 'Hood (1995)
WB, 1995 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

Follow the hilarious adventures of a former professor and his wife as they raise their four kids in a bustling brownstone apartment. From sibling rivalries to teenage angst, The Parent 'Hood is a heartwarming and relatable sitcom that captures the joys and challenges of parenthood.

The Bedford DiariesThe Bedford Diaries
WB, 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance

The Bedford Diaries is a drama set in a small liberal-arts college in Manhattan. It follows the lives of resident and commuter students and their teachers. The show explores the diverse social and economic backgrounds of the characters. It is an ensemble drama that offers a glimpse into the lives of college students and their struggles.

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