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Can't Cope, Won't CopeCan't Cope, Won't Cope
RTE 2, 2016 | Comedy, Drama

Can't Cope, Won't Cope is a darkly comic drama about two young women, as one of them starts to spiral out of control. Aisling (Seána Kerslake) used to getting her own way and Danielle (Nika McGuigan), never one to hog the spotlight, is only too happy to go along with it. But things are changing. Reality is about to hit them, and hit them hard.

First Dates IrelandFirst Dates Ireland
RTE 2, 2016 | Reality
Rating: 3/5

Cupid's arrow hits Irish shores this month when the brand new series of First Dates Ireland airs on RTÉ2. The restaurant doors will swing open bringing singletons from all over the country together in the hope of finding love.

Hardy BucksHardy Bucks
RTE 2, 2010 | Comedy

Hardy Bucks is an Irish mockumentary TV show written by Chris Tordoff, Martin Maloney and Mike Cockayne. The Hardy Bucks started out with a series of largely improvised online webisodes directed and edited by Tordoff who had studied Media Production. A six-part webisode series went on to win the 2009 Storyland competition held by Irish national broadcaster RT?. Hardy Bucks is set in a small town in West Ireland, following the mis-adventures of five hapless men down on their luck, trying to leave their backwards rural hometown and attempt to reach Galway and sample modern civilization.

Bridget and EamonBridget and Eamon
RTE 2, 2016 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Bridget & Eamon are the typical unhappily married 80s Irish couple. They live somewhere in the Midlands with their indeterminate number of children. Chain-smoking Bridget has notions. She wants the lifestyle from the pages of Woman's Way but wouldn't want to think about how much it would cost to heat South Fork.

Fantasy IrelandFantasy Ireland

Fantasy Ireland is an outrageous post-watershed animated comedy series set in a fantastical version of contemporary Ireland (mixed with a dollop of Irish mythology). We follow three flatmates living in Rathmines who are flung together to form The Shamz - the new unwitting saviors of Ireland sent to save us from ourselves and more importantly a greedy priest hell-bent on setting us back fifty years!

Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week (Ireland)Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week (Ireland)
RTE 2, 2019 | Sports, Reality

24 civilian recruits take part in a gruelling Special Forces selection course designed by former members of Ireland's elite Special Forces unit, the Army Ranger Wing (ARW). Welcome to Hell.

Nurses (2015)Nurses (2015)

This observational documentary series, Nurses, will tell the story of modern Irish nursing from the perspective of 8 trainee nurses. Nurse will follow these trainees from a range of backgrounds, as they juggle their final year studies with their often complicated, everyday lives. But that is not the end of their stories as the series continues to follow them as they begin their professional careers putting the theory into practice in the very real and stressful environments where they will become the front-line staff in a health service that is struggling with the vagaries of limited finance, resources and morale.