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46 Yok Olan46 Yok Olan
Star TV, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime, Mystery

46 Yok Olan is a Turkish TV series that airs on Star TV. It is a science fiction thriller that follows a forensic scientist who discovers a way to bring the dead back to life. As he tries to uncover the truth behind his own father's death, he becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy involving a mysterious organization and a powerful pharmaceutical company.

Kazara AşkKazara Aşk
Star TV, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Kazara Aşk is a TV series that revolves around two young individuals who find themselves starting a new chapter in their lives after a chance encounter. As their paths cross unexpectedly, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, navigating the challenges and opportunities that come their way.

Bartu BenBartu Ben
Star TV, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama

Bartu, who once took place in numerous hit series and art-house movies, got tired of playing in the series that could be seen as a serious income and a short-lived gate of fame for many players. Because of his quick life, he has no more money. Exactly in the meantime, his cousin Gizmo who wants to be an actress and his uncle who has not seen for many years enter in his life. On one hand, he will try to find a way to earn money, on the other hand Bartu will try to find out who he is and what he wants.

Yandaki odaYandaki oda
Star TV, 2024 Running | Drama, Family

The series begins with the marriage story of Verda Yaldız, a famous economics program host, and Fikret Alabey, one of the country's wealthy business people, who is a guest on her program. Verda and Fikret's marriage, which surprises everyone and makes a big splash in the tabloid press, will turn into a big test for their families

Seni Çok BekledimSeni Çok Bekledim
Star TV, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance
Rating: 4/5

Seni Çok Bekledim is a TV series that portrays the unexpected love story between Kadir, a self-made businessman, and Ayliz, an independent photographer who grew up without a father. As their lives intertwine, they navigate the complexities of their pasts and find solace in each other's presence. The series explores themes of love, family, and self-discovery.

Star TV, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Baris is a very successful, attractive, but distanced from love, divorce lawyer who feels there is nothing left to surprise him in life. Asli is a beautiful young girl who is full of life, intelligent and entertaining, but has to work as a taxi driver to help her family. Her family and close friends call her Firefly. When Asli and Baris cross paths their lives will changed and they will enter in a loving adventure.

Çilek KokusuÇilek Kokusu
Star TV, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Romance
Rating: 5/5

A hardworking girl and a reckless boy find themselves drawn to each other despite their differences. Their fate takes an unexpected turn. The TV series Çilek Kokusu tells the story of two young people who come from different worlds and fall in love. The show explores the challenges they face as they navigate their relationship.

Sevgili GeçmisSevgili Geçmis
Star TV, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Drama
Rating: 5/5

Three sisters who grew up unaware of each other receive a mysterious letter one day and meet at the wedding of one of them. But on the wedding night they will find themselves in an unexpected situation. After that night, they cannot leave the beautiful town of the Aegean and are forced to live together. This imperative condition gradually leaves its place to the adventure of discovering brotherhood, friendship and solidarity.

Jet SosyeteJet Sosyete
Star TV, 2018 On Hiatus | Comedy, Family

Jet Sosyete follows a family's sudden rise to high society, navigating the challenges of wealth and status. The show offers a humorous and insightful look at the clash between old and new money, with a talented cast and engaging plot.

Love is in the airLove is in the air
Star TV Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance

The Hancioglu family owns vast estates in Cappadocia and is one of the wealthiest families in Turkey. Yusuf, the oldest son of this family, manages the family business and bears all the responsibility of it on his shoulders. Yusuf is very handsome, rich and hardworking. Thus, there are lots of women who want to be his bride but, Yusuf wants to get married only for love. The life of Hancioglu family changes due to Yusuf's illegitimate child. The mother of this little boy dies and Yusuf becomes the only responsible parent who will raise him. Therefore, Yusuf's mother Hamiyet finds a wet nurse in order to take care of her grandson. Toprak, whose daughter has passed away at the same time, becomes a the wet-nurse for Yusuf's son. Toprak's older sister, Havva, also starts to stay with them in order to help her sister in this new home. However, Havva, enchanted by the wealth of Hancioglu family, decides to woo Yusuf and marry him. Everything will end up in an epic tragic love story between the two. Will Havva manage to become the bride of Hancioglu family? Will Yusuf learn the original intentions of Havva? Will their love prevail upon everything?

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