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Lost Relics of the Knights TemplarLost Relics of the Knights Templar

Lost Relics of the Knights Templar follows one of the world's most prolific yet unknown treasure hunters, Hamilton White, and his long-time friend, Carl Cookson, as they trace the origin of an amazing hoard of relics - believed to have belonged to the legendary Knights Templar.

Damian Lewis: Spy WarsDamian Lewis: Spy Wars
History, 2019 | Documentary
Rating: 1/5

Starring Damian Lewis in his first factual role, this new docu-drama reveals remarkable true stories behind the most gripping and significant international spy operations of the last forty years. From the truth behind the escape of US diplomats from Tehran, immortalised in the award-winning film Argo, to the spy operation which narrowly averted all-out nuclear war, to the incredible 'spy swap' which brought Sergey Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, to Salisbury (where they narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on their lives last year), the series relates the incredible true stories of the spy wars fought in the shadows. Utilising innovative and highly stylised reconstructions, Damian Lewis: Spy Wars is shot on location in London, Moscow and Israel.

Secrets In The IceSecrets In The Ice

Visits to the most remote, cold and inhospitable places on the planet to reveal great mysteries that have been frozen in time. This programme reveals how and why humans have become frozen in time, from missing Second World War aircraft to a frozen lake filled with human remains.

Forged With SteeleForged With Steele

Blacksmith and YouTube personality Alec Steele recreates a breathtaking array of historic weaponry.

The Chop: Britain's Top WoodworkerThe Chop: Britain's Top Woodworker

Hosted by comedian Lee Mack, TV Presenter Rick Edwards and Master Carpenter William Hardie, The Chop: Britain's Top Woodworker sees 10 of the country's finest carpenters gather in Epping Forest to whittle, carve and chop their way to the final, to see who will be crowned Britain's Top Woodworker and the chance to stage their own personal exhibition at the prestigious William Morris Gallery in London

Treasure Houses of BritainTreasure Houses of Britain

Treasure Houses of Britain is not just about some of the world's best-loved buildings, spectacular as they are; it is about the treasures within which tell a human story, from the tapestries which the First Duke of Marlborough commissioned to celebrate his triumph at the Battle of Blenheim, to the Italian pietra dura cabinet which the Medicis gave to the owners of Burghley - the greatest Elizabethan house in England. Television presenter and journalist Selina Scott travels the length of the country to explore the opulent rooms, rolling grounds and unique collections of priceless art and antiques of five of the country's most recognisable treasure houses: Burghley House, Chatsworth House, Blenheim Palace, Holkham Hall, and Boughton House.

The True StoryThe True Story

(Aired as "The Real Story" in the US on The Smithsonian Channel) Braveheart, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, True Grit, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Master and Commander. These films achieved enormous success, but in bringing them to the big screen, the truth was often left behind. Now, separate fact from fiction and real life from reel life.