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The TraffickersThe Traffickers

Sex. Drugs. Exotic animals. Human organs. With the right amount of money, they're all there for the taking-and much closer than you'd want to think. Crossing the globe from Asia to Africa, to the Americas and Europe, our host, Nelufar Hedayat, goes under the radar and just out of sight to track down these thriving black marketplaces. What Nelufar finds is a world of profit-driven dealers, compliant middlemen, bribe-taking officials, poachers and smugglers who operate vast transportation networks, packaging factories, safe houses...all the while moving enormous amounts of money. The numbers surrounding the world's underground markets tell a story equal parts horror and human. In the last 40 years, 95% of the world's rhino population has been lost. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals have captured $200 billion on the black market. And perhaps most alarming, human trafficking has reached dizzying highs-or perhaps more appropriately, staggering lows-as a $32 billion global industry. Plain and simple, if there's a demand for it, it can-and will-be trafficked. In each of the eight, one-hour episodes Nelufar traces the supply chain of one good from consumer to source and finds that the illegal world is often closer to the legitimate one that you might think. She explores the causes and effects of trafficking: species hunted to near extinction; miners forced to pay protection money to terrorists; people forced by poverty to sell their organs. Travelling by plane, taxi, boat and rickshaw, Nelufar makes her way through bustling markets, down dingy alleyways and into more than a few dead ends, as we witness every step of her investigation. In the world The Traffickers shows us, we'll find more questions than answers-and perhaps see that things are not as black and white as they first might seem.

Shade: Queens of NYCShade: Queens of NYC

What happens to New York's fiercest, funniest drag queens as they scrap for adoration, validation and compensation.

No, You Shut Up!No, You Shut Up!

The show details Paul F. Tompkins and a panel of four puppets (played by different members of the Miskreant Puppets from Puppet Up!) debating about the different issues of the day from their unique perspective until they get too angry to discuss them any further.

Food Exposed with Nelufar HedayatFood Exposed with Nelufar Hedayat

Food Exposed with Nelufar Hedayat will cover topics such as fish, dairy, water, GMOs, superfoods, palm oil, and pork. Hosted by award-winning journalist Nelufar Hedayat, the eye-opening series examines how our appetites shape our world, investigating the global food chain and the origins of our favorite ingredients. As she travels the world, Nelufar reveals the true cost of food to people, animals, and the planet. This ambitious, sometimes shocking and revelatory series spans the globe from the North Pole to China, the oceans of West Africa to the forests of Asia and explores the future of food and how we're going to feed our rapidly-expanding population.

Car vs. AmericaCar vs. America

Proving those that say car culture is dying wrong by showing what today's youth car culture looks like and doing crazy things in vehicles along the way.