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Televisa, 2004 | Comedy, Drama, Crime, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Rebelde is the story of four teenagers who go to the "Elite Way School" a famous international private school. In the school we find Miguel. Miguel is a kid who goes to school due to a scholarship. His goal in life is to become rich and get a revenge on the man who ruined his father and caused his dad to commit suicide. During his plan of revenge he realizes that the man he hates the most is the father of the love of his life, Mia. She is the daughter of Franco, a rich powerful man. Mia is the most popular girl in school and is always happy. She hates the fact that her dad is with a singer Alma Rey, mother of Roberta. Roberta is a girl who has always lived in her mom's famous shadow. For that reason she always doubts her great beauty and her talent. Then there's Diego, a boy who grew up knowing that his destiny was to be in politics. His role model is his dad, a mean cold man. And because of that Diego is mean and cold as well. In the school the four teens meet Enrique, a young teacher that will change their lives forever.

Reto 4 ElementosReto 4 Elementos

This reality show of extreme survival is composed of 32 celebrities, who will fight each other to become 'Master of the 4 Elements' Divided into 8 teams, consisting of two men and two women who will compete to master the 4 elements . Each week, the teams will aim to master a different element. As the reality progresses, the participants will face different challenges.

La Familia P. LucheLa Familia P. Luche
Televisa, 1970 | Comedy, Family, Adventure
Rating: 4/5

"The Plush Family" is a Mexican television sitcom created by Eugenio Derbez. The series first aired in 2002 on the channel Canal de las Estrellas, and was later syndicated on the American channel Univision the next year. It is a spin-off of a regular sketch on the XHDRBZ comedy-sketch program. In the series, the characters live in a fictional city called "Ciudad P. Luche" where clothes and other objects are wrapped in plush. The word P. Luche, is a pun to the word plush in Spanish: peluche. The show is similar in style to the American sitcom Married... With Children, in that it depicts a comically dysfunctional family. La familia P. Luche, however, plays more like a live-action cartoon, complete with colorful sets and comic sound effects. The sitcom won a TVyNovelas Award for "Best Comedy Program" in 2008. Its working-class rival Una familia de diez, was also nominated.

The Power of DestinyThe Power of Destiny
Televisa, 2011 | Drama, Soaps, Romance
Rating: 5/5

This story begins when young Ivan returns with his mother, Alicia, to Alamos, Sonora. His father, Juan Jaime, a wealthy landowner, does not recognize him as his son and rejects him. Alicia is forced to accept a job as a servant for the Lomelí Curiel family. At the home of the Curiels, Ivan helps the family and continues to study until he is 19. Meanwhile, Maripaz Lomelí Curiel, 18, returns home after having studied abroad. Ivan is immediately attracted to her and she ends up pregnant. After a series of unfortunate events Ivan is mistakenly accused of murder and decides to cross illegally into the United States. He goes to Los Angeles and meets Anthony McGuire, who later arranges to adopt him. Anthony encourages Ivan to return to Mexico with him, not only for business but also to face his past.

Yo no creo en los hombresYo no creo en los hombres
Televisa, 2014 | Drama, Soaps

This is a Mexican telenovela produced by Giselle Gonz

Nosotros los guaposNosotros los guapos
Televisa, 2016 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Nosotros los Guapos (We handsome) is a Mexican television series produced by Guillermo del Bosque for Televisa by the chain platform Blim and Las Estrellas. Vítor and Albertano pursue the same objective, to obtain a place where to live and, very to their regret, to look for a work that allows them to survive and to pay the rent of the room that both decide to share at Doña Cuca's house. Since they are found, various stories are intertwined that will come to life in each chapter, where by "forced coincidences of life", El Vítor and Albertano will go through funny, unexpected and gossipy situations that will test their budding friendship. Although at first they do not like each other, from the first day they decide to get together to get work in whatever they can. One day we will see them as microbuseros, another will rent out Chamberlains, risk hiring as two funny clowns, without planning to become actors, fighters, tourist guide and even two naive illegal who believe they reach the United States. From day one, Vítor and Albertano will have to "endure" with their differences in tastes and ways of seeing life, which will make the series one of the favorites of the public.

Green GoldGreen Gold

Zé Maria Magalhães is an innocent young man who, suddenly, sees his dreams and family destroyed by a man's greed: Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca, a powerful banker. For 15 years, Zé Maria is forced to remain hidden, in a life of lies, in another country, imprisoned by the memories of the past, having to assume a new identity. Today, he is a great farmer, owner of the Ouro Verde empire, known as Jorge Monforte, and has become one of the richest men in Brazil. The course of time only fueled his desire for revenge, making him lose the sense of right and wrong and the ability to love. Fifteen years later, he returns to Portugal, ready to avenge the past and destroy Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca.