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Bordertown (FI)Bordertown (FI)
YLE, 2016 | Drama, Crime, Mystery | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.2/5

A gifted detective takes a job in a small town so he can spend more time with his family. But he's soon drawn into a web of disturbing murder cases.

Arctic CircleArctic Circle
YLE, 2018 | Drama, Crime
Rating: 4/5

Arctic Circle is set in the unforgiving polar region, amidst the icy landscapes of Finnish Lapland. After Nina Kautsalo, a Finnish police officer, finds a dying prostitute in an old cabin in the wilderness, the ensuing criminal investigation takes a surprise twist when a deadly virus is discovered in the prostitute's blood. However, when Thomas Lorenz, a German virologist, travels to Lapland to investigate the virus, he and Nina suddenly find themselves in the middle of an exceedingly unusual criminal investigation that ends up forcing them outside the law.

Moominvalley (2019)Moominvalley (2019)
YLE, 2019 | Children, Animation
Rating: 5/5

Moominvalley is an adaptation of Tove Jansson's loved body of work. The protagonist of the series is Moomintroll, who is curious, kind, sensitive and idealistic. He is a typical hero in a coming-of-age story: he tries to tackle the puzzle of growing up to his true, individualistic self while remaining a beloved part of the family.

Tuntematon sotilasTuntematon sotilas
YLE, 2018 | Action, Thriller
Rating: 5/5

TV adaptation from Unknown Soldier (2017) film. The World War II series follows a machine gun company of the Finnish Army from a frog perspective during the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1944.

YLE, 2014 | Drama

Drama series set in a hospital.

YLE, 2015 | Drama, Crime
Rating: 4/5

Drug Crime Detective Oskari is the envy of his colleagues. His connections to underworld and informants is unrivaled. What they don't know is the mother of his child, Krista, is a drug addict who lives in that world. And now she's back in his life, shaking his home life on one hand, and offering new connections to knocking down the rise of drug imports. If only he could trust her.


Tellus, a Finnish environmental group led by Eevi Forsman, use increasingly radical means to "save the earth". They are pursued by Taneli Lokka, an experienced police detective, who tries to save the earth in his own personal way.

YLE, 2012 | Comedy

The series follows the work-shy Kimmo, whom in the first season by the employment office will be forced to accept work at the Celebrity magazine as a telephone salesman. At the same time, a upper middle class family mother, Ulla, will start working in the same office, who has come to pick up the work of the variation boring married life. Kimmo will be also visited by a co-worker Steffen and boss Nissinen in the new work.

YLE, 2008 | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Blind girl Donna gets dumped by her husband and tries to find love elsewhere.

YLE, 2020 | Drama, Thriller
Rating: 2/5

The story set between Turkey, Syria and Spain tells of the world of peacemakers, international arms trade dealings and the deep-layered relationships with people in power.

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