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The GipfelzipflerThe Gipfelzipfler
ORF 1, 2010 | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

'Die Gipfelzipfler' are Nick Pralle and Frank Rensing, who clash behind the scenes of the TV show 'Die Musikantenheimat' through Frank's manager. There they are supposed to perform as 'Die Gipfelzipfler'. But they have a big problem and finally have to write a new song - and time is running out. After all, it is a real-time comedy. That means every minute is also a minute until the countdown to the big performance. And there, of course, they stumble from one problem to the next. Then there are the major differences between the characters themselves. One comes from the folk Schlagermusik, the other is a studio musician who rather likes Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin - which of course leads to great tensions between the two. But the whole thing finally ends in a big showdown that takes a surprising turn.

Ex - eine romantische KomödieEx - eine romantische Komödie
ORF 1, 2008 | Comedy, Drama, Romance, Mini-Series
Rating: 2/5

"It's a comedy series about the impossibility of being happy with someone of the opposite sex, because it only gets funny when it really hurts." That's how writer, director and leading actor Michael Niavarani describes the idea behind "Ex - a romantic comedy." At the center of the plot is 43-year-old, sex-obsessed Philipp, who (for the umpteenth time) is on the verge of failing in a relationship because there's one thing he just doesn't get: What really moves the women in his life.

Janus (2013)Janus (2013)
ORF 1, 2013 | Crime, Thriller
Rating: 4/5

Dr Leo Benedikt is a forensic psychologist. He deals with what goes on in the minds of mentally abnormal lawbreakers. It doesn't matter whether Cara Horvath calls him in as an expert for the police, or whether someone asks him for help in a private case: Leo knows that every crime starts in the psyche - and therefore can only be solved there. As he investigates a series of mysterious suicides, he stumbles across the mysterious pharmaceutical company Janus - and is stunned to discover what is actually behind the suicides.

Die DetektiveDie Detektive
ORF 1, 2014 | Drama, Crime
Rating: 4/5

Two men who couldn't be more different: one a proper accountant, the other a happy hippie child. And yet they are brothers - half-brothers, to be precise. Half-brothers who not only find out about each other after the sudden death of their father, but also take over his detective agency from one day to the next and discover that life is simply not a children's birthday party.

ORF 1, 2021 | Comedy
Rating: 2/5

Daniela and Andreas Pichler regularly visit their couples therapist Dr. Nemeth. Once he's got his Sigmund turtle in position, things get going, and Dani in particular always has something to talk about. All in all, Andi would like to take it easier - if it weren't for their children together. The 16-year-old twins Celiné and Hanna are not only fraternal, but different in every way. And Lukas, the nine-year-old runt of the litter, is a very special child in his own right. Margarete, Andi's mother, is one of the certain family extras. A great grandma, but also a crazy noodle who drives her daughter-in-law to despair. And then there's Andi's best friend, Florian, who has no sense of humour at all and tempts Andi into all kinds of nonsense.

ORF 1, 2013 | Drama, Crime

The series takes place in the 16th district of Vienna, Ottakring. The focus is on the often tough everyday work of Austrian police officers, the realistic representation of criminal cases, but also the private life of those involved. In many cases, the problems are caused by the fact that Vienna is a particularly highly multicultural city, in which people from a wide variety of countries meet with value systems that sometimes differ considerably from one another.

Schnell ErmitteltSchnell Ermittelt
ORF 1, 2009 | Drama, Crime
Rating: 1/5

Chief Inspector Angelika Schnell (Born Zuhlehner) is head of the Homicide Division in Vienna. She is divorced and has two children, Kathrin and Jan. Schnell is very empathic. In daydreaming, she often sees murder victim in their actions in various places that have to do with the victim or the deed. In the course of the seasons the daydreams extend themselves on personal feelings and sometimes Angelika projected on the body of the victim. The break between daydream and reality is often only apparent at the end of the scene. Directly, she works with district inspector Harald Franitschek.

Science BustersScience Busters

Science Busters is an Austrian science oriented comedy boy group consisting of Univ.-Prof. Heinz Oberhummer, Prof. Werner Gruber and comedian Martin Puntigam. The show features scientific questions with particular emphasis on physical phenomena, which are explained in a simple and entertaining way.

Wir sind KaiserWir sind Kaiser

Robert Palfrader plays Empereor Robert Heinrich I. of Austria, He's supported by his chamberlain Seyffenstein (Rudi Roubinek - he's also the main writer of the show) and his servant Vormärz (FM4-host Rudi Schöllerbacher).

Wischen ist MachtWischen ist Macht
ORF 1, 2020 | Comedy

The show follows Michelle Sendracek with her daily struggles as head of a small cleaning company.

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