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SOKO KitzbuhelSOKO Kitzbuhel
ORF 1, 2003 | Drama, Action, Crime

SOKO Kitzbuhel is a German police procedural television programme, a spin-off of the earlier German police programme SOKO 5113.


"Alltagsgeschichten" portrays Austrians sensitively and with subtle humor in a documentary series - whether in Vienna-Meidling, on the subway or in the bathroom. Spira's "everyday story" has long been a cult. The protagonists of the programs are the so-called little people, whose stories the director tells in her films and whose living spaces she presents. Elizabeth T. Spira's films are also about the "Austrian soul", the psychological, social and historically grown state of mind of the Austrians. Here tragedy and comedy are often close together, sometimes they are congruent. "Alltagsgeschichten" briefly outlines a place or a social phenomenon through subjective expressions of opinion, personal memories and stories of people.

Der wilde GärtnerDer wilde Gärtner
ORF 1, 2011 | Comedy, Housing/Building, Reality
Rating: 5/5

Anyone who thinks of "Der wilde Gärtner" as a typical gardening magazine is mistaken. Because this service show with sitcom character is a gardening guide of a special kind. Based on the viewer's own garden, it aims to awaken a love of the garden as a habitat and of nature in general in a witty and provocative way, and to raise awareness of the need to treat our planet with respect. For all plant lovers, gardeners and those who want to become one, there are also easy-to-implement tips and tricks that are intended to show alternatives to the common knowledge offered by the countless gardening books.

ORF 1, 2014 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Nicholas Ofczarek and Robert Palfrader show BÖsterreich in a mixture of satire, grotesque and sketch comedy. They go on a sightseeing tour in the emotional backyards and abyssal cellar alleys of an "island of the blessed" in the heart of Europe. Sarcastic everyday situations full of black humor - relentlessly honest. The individual little stories are linked, one of the protagonists leads into the next scene. Ofczarek and Palfrader slip into partially recurring, sometimes unique roles.

Polly AdlerPolly Adler

Society journalist Polly Adler not only has stress at work, but her private life is also causing her headaches. Her husband Max has a crush on a colleague at work, his divorce lawyer makes clear advances on her, and daughter Resi is in the midst of puberty. Along the way, a journalistic investigation that begins with a harmless press conference develops into a scandal of national proportions. Polly Adler works as a society journalist for the newspaper Confact. It is not only her work life that is turbulent. Her private life also provides material for relevant columns: Polly's husband Max loses his heart to another woman, while Max's lawyer in turn falls in love with Polly. Along the way, the dedicated journalist uncovers a scandal through research that moves the entire nation.

ORF 1, 1990 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

At the center of the TV comedy series Tohuwabohu is a small, amateurish private television station, whose name says it all: a curious hodgepodge of news, sport, entertainment, culture, music, entertainment, information, show, entertainment and entertainment. Under pressure from financiers and creditors as well as on the run from the ORF, the post office and the police, the staff of Tohuwabohu chases from scene to scene and from one media and artistic faux pas to the next. The result of this type of programming is not only a desolate chaos, but also an expression of advanced lack of talent and ideas. But behind the presented absurdities of Tohuwabohu, on closer inspection, there is a TV, media and social criticism that picks up everything and everyone or unmasked them with parodic references.

Oben OhneOben Ohne
ORF 1, 2010 | Comedy

The Horrowitz and Schnabel families actually have only one thing in common: they live in the same Salzburg apartment building, which is to be demolished because its profit-seeking owner has found a way to squeeze even more money out of the property. The problem: The tenants are not thinking of letting themselves be evicted so easily. Even Otto Schratt, the janitor, can do little against their combined resistance. He was hired specifically to get rid of the rebellious residents. However, he is not very clever at it.

Die LottosiegerDie Lottosieger
ORF 1, 2011 | Comedy
Rating: 1/5

Rudi Deschek has been playing the lottery for years. In a game community with his wife Claudia, his son Romeo and his mom Kriemhild, who lives in the same municipal housing household. The winnings have so far been limited, more than a few threesomes were not possible. But luck strikes at the ultimate record super jackpot and the Descheks are millionaires overnight.

Echt FettEcht Fett

Echt fett is an Austrian hidden camera television series. As in Just for Laughs: Gags and Trigger Happy TV, it shows clips of how unsuspecting subjects are brought into unusual situations by actors while being filmed with a hidden camera. A typical clip is filmed on the streets, or in a shopping mall. The comedic situations produced by the actors and the reactions of the unknowingly fooled are to entertain viewers. It was broadcast between 2003 and 2007.

Willkommen ÖsterreichWillkommen Österreich

An Austrian late-night talk show, hosted by Sterman & Grissemann.

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