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ORF 1, 1996 | Comedy, Crime

A Spin-Off of "Kommissar Rex", this show is about Rex' former colleague Stockinger investigating strange murders in the Salzburger Land.

SOKO Donau SOKO Donau
ORF 1, 2005 | Drama, Crime

SOKO Donau (in Germany SOKO Wien) is an Austrian television series, SOKO is an abbreviation of the term "Sonderkommission" (Special [Police] Commission - meaning special investigation team) in German. The series revolves around the Vienna maritime police. If the SOKO Kitzbühel only deals with alpine cases, the Vienna SOKO is responsible for investigating crimes on the Danube and its tributaries. Not only - as the german title might suggest - in the Austrian capital, but also in Lower and Upper Austria, as well as in the neighboring countries abroad. For example, the Donaucops were already operating in Bratislava and caught one or the other Hungarian or Russian crook. In contrast to the other SOKO series, it is presented in a much more modern way, and in this case, forensics also has a slightly higher status.

Dorfers DonnerstalkDorfers Donnerstalk
ORF 1, 2004 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

The Austrian cabaret artist Alfred Dorfer welcomes comedy colleagues in his satire classic, which is full of swipes at the (media) political events in Austria.


TV program under the motto "The program with the viewer", which was to be understood in such a way that a viewer visited the living room-like studio every week. With abstruse stories, extra silly jokes that were performed professionally and unprofessionally, the orchestra under the direction of Helmut Sommer (alone on the home organ), a star guest and a spectator who was identified every week by a small quiz, entertained half of the Alpine nation.

Liebesg'schichten und HeiratssachenLiebesg'schichten und Heiratssachen

Since 1997, Elizabeth T. Spira, who holds a doctorate in journalism and has won many prizes, has been running a kind of outreach dating agency on television together with cinematographer Martin Petritsch. For "Liebesg'schichten und Heiratssachen" she visits lonely hearts in their prime in their home and gives them the opportunity to present themselves.

Tom TurboTom Turbo

"Tom Turbo" is an interactive children's thriller written by the popular children's book author and UNICEF ambassador Thomas Brezina. The viewers can slip into the role of the detective themselves and "solve the case". The main location is Thomas' office and Tom Turbo's garage in the Schönbrunn Zoo.

Dolce Vita & CoDolce Vita & Co

Revolves around Mario Hubinger, who tries to re-establish his father's restaurant and his family and employees.

Novotny und MaroudiNovotny und Maroudi
ORF 1, 2006 | Comedy

Dr. Gerald Novotny stands as a newly divorced man before the ruins of his life. And because his ex does not usually wait for a long time, there is also a pile of relocation goods in the middle of the dental practice, which he runs together with his study friend Stefan Maroudi. Unfortunately, Gerald hasn't thought of looking around for a new apartment yet. So Stefan jumps in and offers his friend the guest room in his apartment. Only temporarily, of course...

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