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Robson Green's Weekend EscapesRobson Green's Weekend Escapes
BBC iPlayer, 2023 Running | Travel, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Relax, reset and recharge. Robson takes the roads less travelled across his beloved North East England. With famous friends, he finds wellbeing and adventure in wonderful places.

Young MasterChefYoung MasterChef

The new ten-part series will be dedicated to up-and-coming young food talent between the ages of 18 and 25. Over the competition, the young hopefuls will be put through their paces by a panel of expert judges and exciting guests (TBA) as they undertake a variety of unique new challenges designed to push them to new culinary heights and reflect Britain's food revolution - where a new generation of young foodies are rewriting the rules. No prior experience will be necessary - applicants will be invited from anyone in the age group who thinks they have the raw talent, enthusiasm and dedication to transform themselves into the next foodie sensation.

Inside Dubai: Playground of the RichInside Dubai: Playground of the Rich
BBC iPlayer, 2022 On Hiatus | Documentary

Drenched in sun, luxury and excess, what is it really like to live in the desert-paradise of Dubai, an ultra-modern tax haven for the super-rich.

Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZoneRussia 1985-1999: TraumaZone
BBC iPlayer, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary, Short

At the start of the 1990s the Soviet Union - one the largest empires in the world - imploded. It was not a slow collapse like the British Empire, but one that collapsed suddenly - in just a few months. This series of films is a record of what it felt like to live through that catastrophe.

Charlotte In SunderlandCharlotte In Sunderland
BBC iPlayer, 2023 Running | Reality

This is Charlotte Crosby, like you've never seen her before. In a fun, entertaining and exclusive new series, Charlotte takes on her biggest year yet.

My Mum Tracy BeakerMy Mum Tracy Beaker
BBC iPlayer, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Family, Children

The irrepressible Tracy Beaker is back, 20 years after the original TV series was filmed and now - she's a mum. My Mum Tracy Beaker follows Tracy (Dani Harmer) and her daughter Jess (Emma Maggie Davies), as they try to scrape by financially, but with a close and loving bond that Tracy missed out on with her own mum. Told from the perspective of 10-year-old Jess, the series tells how their lives are drastically changed with the arrival of Tracy's rich new boyfriend, Sean Godfrey (Jordan Duvigneau). Sean secretly admired Tracy when they were young and when he was simply known as 'Football'. Now, recently retired and with all the trappings of a successful football star, he wants to whisk Tracy and Jess away to a life of palatial mansions and fancy cars - but when everything starts to go classically Tracy Beaker pear-shaped, can Jess save the day?

Give My Head PeaceGive My Head Peace
BBC iPlayer, 1995 Running | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

During a standard police raid on the headquarters of the Lower Falls Road battalion of the IRA a young RUC officer falls in love with the daughter of the leader of the battalion. However he lives with the leader of the local UDA who hangs out at the local pub, The Knee Breakers. The pair marries when a ceasefire is declared but old habits die hard for both families.

Reunion HotelReunion Hotel
BBC iPlayer, 2023 Running | Reality
Rating: 5/5

If you could reunite with one person from your past, who would it be? Alex Jones and her team give people a unique chance to make that happen at a one-of-a-kind hotel.

Idris Elba's Fight SchoolIdris Elba's Fight School
BBC iPlayer, 2022 On Hiatus | Sports, Documentary

Idris Elba takes eight young Brits who want to better their future. With some of the country's best coaches and an intensive training regime, can boxing help transform their lives?

Scarlett's Driving SchoolScarlett's Driving School
BBC iPlayer, 2023 Running | Reality, Documentary

Scarlett Moffatt opens a driving school for struggling learner drivers.

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