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Top Gear (FR)Top Gear (FR)

Top Gear France is a French TV show about motor vehicles, based on the English original TV show Top Gear. It is broadcast on TNT RMC D?couverte and is hosted by French actor Philippe Lellouche, professional racing driver Bruce Jouanny and EDM musician and journalist Yann Larret-Menezo (aka Le Tone).

The Pyramids: Solving The MysteryThe Pyramids: Solving The Mystery

The construction of the Egyptian pyramids remains an enigma, an unsolved mystery. But today, Egyptologists and archaeologists have developed a new tool which uses aerial and satellite images to provide valuable fresh clues about the position, construction, and evolution of these edifices. This series sets out to decode the mysteries of the pyramids' construction, and to recreate Egypt as it was more than 5000 years ago.

Ancient SuperstructuresAncient Superstructures

Reveals the secrets behind the world's most famous monuments. Some of the ancient marvels which are among the most studied and scrutinized monuments in the world still remain shrouded in mystery. What if the answers were right in front of us... but invisible to the human eye? This ground-breaking series takes a unique approach in delving into engineering mysteries behind the world's most famous ancient structures, by observing them from different perspectives of scale.

Hitler's HolocaustHitler's Holocaust

Under the guidance of Simon Wiesenthal, documents the year-long process leading up to 'the Final Solution' using newly accessible Eastern European archives, first-hand eyewitness accounts and world renowned historians.