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TV2, 2023 Running | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 5/5

CHORUS GIRLS is darkly-comedic tale about eight young dancers trying to survive in a sexist workplace in the mid 70's. This summer they find strength in togetherness, and the courage to resist and change one's circumstances.

Anna PihlAnna Pihl
TV2, 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime

A policewoman, who is doing her best at the job, but struggles to be there for her son.

TV2, 2023 Running | Comedy, Drama

When a young woman, living the seemingly perfect life with the perfect relationship, is confronted with the fact that she fakes every single orgasm, a desperate search for release in all aspects of her life begins.

Bachelor (DK)Bachelor (DK)
TV2, 2021 On Hiatus | Drama, Reality, Game Show
Rating: 1/5

Reality television series that gives one lucky man and 25 lucky women the unique opportunity to find true love.

The JulekalenderThe Julekalender
TV2, 1994 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Music, Mini-Series

3 Danish elves/nisser in Alaska fly to Jutland to get a key at an old nisse cave near a potato farm. Landing, the biplane propeller breaks and a new is needed. They speak half Danish half English. A stranger comes.

Bachelorette (DK)Bachelorette (DK)
TV2, 2023 Running | Romance, Reality

Reality television series that gives two lucky women and 27 lucky men the unique opportunity to find true love.

Hvide SandeHvide Sande
TV2, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime
Rating: 5/5

An undercover expert and a homicide detective are secretly sent to a Danish seaside town to solve the killing of a young German man while pretending to be a married couple.

TV2, 2013 Running | Family, Reality, Game Show

Four couples are given a budget and one of four identical homes. They must use their creativity with their unique decor and craftsmanship to build their dream homes; the winning team keeps the house!

Operation XOperation X
TV2, 2004 Running | Crime, Documentary

Entertaining crime show in which Morten Spiegelhauer goes undercover to expose criminals.

TV2, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

In the comedy series from Danish TV2 Zulu can follow kiosk owner Mathias, who have gone a little stuck in his life. So are his friends Theis and Aslan, and every day they meet at the kiosk for solving the world's problems. But when Mathias falls in love with the beautiful Mie, it forces him to take his life into consideration.

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