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Sjit HappensSjit Happens
TV2, 2012 | Comedy, Romance

Follow the lads in an apartment on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. It's a party, lots of sex, rag tag dates and everyday problems that constantly puts friendship to the test in the small commune where Mads Emil and Olau live. And then there is Øland, who in reality does not live with the boys, but is the strange neighbor who always hangs out - whether he is welcome or not. See how it goes in the first episode when Mads's hot-ass sister Ane suddenly is moving in and overturning the boys' lives.

TV2, 2015 | Comedy

Its a danish sitcom, based on jokes & story of danish stand-up comedian Jonathan Spang. As seen on earlier danish sitcom (Klovn/Clown), the main character, Jonathan, does a lots a good deeds to help his friends in daily lifes experiences, but "always" end up in awkward situations. the contains lots a Alpha-han's, easy women, motorcycles & sex. the mainpart of the cast are found within Danish Stand-up comedians, so prepare for a big laugh.

The JulekalenderThe Julekalender

3 Danish elves/nisser in Alaska fly to Jutland to get a key at an old nisse cave near a potato farm. Landing, the biplane propeller breaks and a new is needed. They speak half Danish half English. A stranger comes.

Mørk & JulMørk & Jul

Mørk & Jul is a Danish TV satire series, with Brian Mørk and Simon Jul Jørgensen as studio hosts, which premiered on 19 January 2009 on TV 2 Zulu. The program is a parody of the TV 2 programs Station 2, Operation X and Basta.

Danish DynamiteDanish Dynamite
TV2, 2012 | Comedy

We are red, we are white, we are Danish Dynamite.

Perfekte StederPerfekte Steder
TV2, 2017 | Drama, Romance

Tobias and Rose meet randomly on a summer day in Copenhagen. The only thing they have in common is that they're in the same place at the same time. They develop a connection that changes them both.

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