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Hollywood WeaponsHollywood Weapons
Outdoor Channel, 2017 | Reality
Rating: 5/5

Prepare To Be Blown Away! What is scientific fact - and what is Hollywood fantasy? Some of the most thrilling weapons action sequences from movies and TV are put to the test on Hollywood Weapons, the all-new Outdoor Channel original series. Join U.S. Special Forces veteran Terry Schappert and weapons master Larry Zanoff as they utilize the expertise of Hollywood's premier prop house and weapons builder - and break down some of the most explosive action in Hollywood history.


GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey is a fully immersive host-driven television series focusing on weapons and weapons technology past, present and future.

The Reluctant OutdoorsmanThe Reluctant Outdoorsman

An unscripted travelogue that follows the exploits of Derek; a middle aged desk jockey who has no outdoor skills or experiences. Our bumbling, couch potato has lived a sheltered life of Starbucks and smart phones and has totally lost touch with his primitive instincts. You see, he is not only uncomfortable in the outdoors, he flat out avoids it. The show is full of so many highs and lows you won't believe what you are watching; but unfortunately for Derek, it's not an act.

The GunfatherThe Gunfather

Louie Tuminaro is "The Gunfather" who grew up on Long Island and learned everything he knows about guns from his father, aka Pops. Once he realized his life passion was to buy and sell guns, he packed up his entire family, including Pops, and moved them to Montana. Now he's living out his dream in the small town of Hamilton with his own gun shop and his family there to support him. An edgy, tough-talking New Yorker in rural Montana selling guns - what's the worst that could happen?

Alaska's Ultimate Bush PilotsAlaska's Ultimate Bush Pilots

The Island Air team pilot de Havilland Beavers - single-engine, high-wing, propeller-driven bush planes - fly anywhere they need to go. Their mission is to move explorers and adventure seekers, hunters and anglers, tourists and locals, archeologists and surfers and prospectors deep into the Kodiak back country; taking off and landing on water, dirt, dry stream beds, on the sides of mountains, amid bolder fields, even on glaciers. But when the weather doesn't cooperate, tensions run high - it's the pilots who must make the call about whether it's safe to fly - and staying grounded is seldom a popular decision. It may be a cliché, but it's true: there are bold pilots and there are old pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots.

Impossible ShotsImpossible Shots

Shooting USA's Impossible Shots provides entertainment and amazement, as the world's best professional exhibition shooters demonstrate their skills.

Blue Water SavagesBlue Water Savages

The release of the motion picture Jaws in 1975 instilled an irrational, almost manic fear of sharks in the general public. Sharks and their behavior were still very much a mystery, and they were considered mindless killing machines. Jump 40 years later, and thanks largely to intrepid adventurers and shark biologists, the layers of mystery are being peeled back and sharks are revealing fascinating behavior around humans. They are not mindless killing machines, but top level predators who are actually far more complex than we imagined. And yes... they are capable of inflicting grave injuries and demand total respect when encountered in the wild. Hosted by Former US Navy deep sea diver and Marine Naturalist, Robin D. Berg, and renowned shark expert Eli Martinez, Blue Water Savages explores the surprising behavior of dangerous sharks, and more importantly, how human behavior when confronted with a shark directly affects the sharks behavior.

The Adventure SeriesThe Adventure Series

This is the ultimate adventure hunting television program that features high end production value and extremely remote filming locations. Each episode will feature a location that is unable to be reached by road - these locations are accessed by bush plane, boat, horseback, or helicopter. You won't see any hunting for whitetails, turkeys, or other species found in the lower 48 states. The episodes will feature hunts for Alaska's brown bear, interior grizzly bears, mountain goats, barren ground caribou, and then some of Canada's best moose, caribou, grizzly, sheep, and goat hunts.Host Steve West travels to each of the destinations with his professional video team of three camera operators and using the best video and audio equipment possible they capture the dramatic hunting adventures as they unfold. Often showing Steve in difficult situations and having to overcome mental and physical obstacles while trying to successfully complete some of North America's most demanding hunts. In some cases Steve takes time away from his personal hunt to help his clients achieve their hunting dreams and this has become a very popular part of this new TV series.It is our goal to deliver a show that is of the highest production value, comparable to Uncharted, however, focusing exclusively on locations in North America that the Outdoor Channel viewers can actually relate to and adventures they connect with on an individual level. Our new music library will fill the shows with a roller coaster ride of emotions and suspense as our editor Shane Schmidt mixes the shows will a diverse package of sounds to appeal to the viewers.