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The Hunt (2016)The Hunt (2016)
SBS 6, 2016 | Thriller
Rating: 5/5

In the forest are found the corpses of a number of young women. The case is assigned to the young, but diligent and thorough, Detective Lea Smith. It calls on the help of ex-forensic psychologist Thomas David.

Chateau MeilandChateau Meiland
SBS 6, 2019 | Soaps, Reality

Ten years after their first French adventure, the Meilandjes are ready for a new challenge. The entrepreneurial family Meiland emigrates to France for the second time. There they bought a derelict castle from 1870 which they will transform into a bed and breakfast with no fewer than five guest rooms. Before the time comes they have to say goodbye, move and even get married for the third time. But when they arrive in rainy France, things go wrong immediately and they see what it really takes to open in three months and receive guests.

Celblok HCelblok H

A Dutch drama series about two different groups of prisoners in a women's prison.

Bureau RaampoortBureau Raampoort
SBS 6, 2014 | Drama, Crime, Mini-Series
Rating: 4/5

A Dutch police series based on popular books.

Dokter TinusDokter Tinus
SBS 6, 2012 | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 3/5

Actor Thom Hoffman is starring as a successful vascular surgeon who is suddenly confronted with a blood phobia, making it impossible for him to exercise his job in the hospital. He moves from the capital to the countryside to work as the GP of the village where he only knows his aunt. His predecessor was well liked, so a warm welcome to the newcomer is therefore not obvious. The emphatic capabilities of the doctor leaving much to be desired, making it even harder for him to win his place in the close-knit community.

Mr. Frank Visser doet UitspraakMr. Frank Visser doet Uitspraak
SBS 6, 2016 | Reality

A judge solves arguments between the les fortunate of society.


In Gestalkt Thijs Zeeman helps the stalked person to put an end to the rather unpleasant situation. In Gestalkt, Thijs investigates to find the stalker. Then Thijs confronts the stalker with his or her behavior and hopes to stop the stalking.

De MeldkamerDe Meldkamer
SBS 6, 2016 | Crime, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

De Meldkamer offers the viewer an unprecedented look in the world of 911 reports and the handling of these intrusive incidents by the police.

Diepe GrondenDiepe Gronden

Anna is a behavioral expert at the National Police. Her help is called in when the body of a 17-year-old girl is found naked and with a bag around her head in a nature reserve. Forest ranger Michel is the last to see her alive. When Anna discovers a link to another disappearance, the case accelerates. And then another girl disappears.

Stegeman op de BresStegeman op de Bres
SBS 6, 2016 | Drama, Reality

In Stegeman op de bres helpt Alberto samen met zijn team mensen in problemen waarbij de politie, om wat voor reden dan ook, niet direct kan helpen. De slachtoffers hebben een conflict met een kwaadwillend persoon of instantie en zijn ten einde raad. Stegeman op de bres kijk je hier online terug!

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