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De Wereld Volgens 80-jarigenDe Wereld Volgens 80-jarigen
SBS 6, 2018 | Reality

Follows 80+ year olds while they are thrown in the world of teenagers.

Dierenpark Emmen: De Grote ExpeditieDierenpark Emmen: De Grote Expeditie

A look inside the biggest zoo of the Netherlands, and one of the best in the world.

Gouden BergenGouden Bergen
SBS 6, 2015 | Comedy, Drama

A drama series about cheating, murder and all things bad. Men who are cheating, fraud, a serious accident, blocked credit cards and manipulative adolescents are commonplace in Golden Mountains. Mons ladies life apparently a cushy life full of beautiful things, beautiful homes and a credit card with no limit. Behind each door is a story which is not as rosy as the pampered ladies like to believe their fellow villagers. Women are reluctant to accidentally dragged by the unfortunate men in their lives. Despite spouses who are suddenly left or behind bars, are in coma or have gone bankrupt because of the crisis, make the ladies every effort to keep their little lives luxury levels. Nothing is too crazy for these women, even if they have to leave before the moral path! They do not accept their fate.

K3 zoekt K3K3 zoekt K3

It's a Dutch talent show where the girls from K3 go find their Successors

Komt Een Man Bij De DokterKomt Een Man Bij De Dokter
SBS 6, 2012 | Comedy

A popular sketch program with jokes that bring a smile to the faces of young and old, shown in their own way in appealing sketches.

Bonje met de BurenBonje met de Buren
SBS 6, 2012 | Drama, Reality

John Williams and Natasja Froger try to address and resolve neighbor quarrels.

De gevaarlijkste wegen van NederlandDe gevaarlijkste wegen van Nederland
SBS 6, 2015 | Reality

This program highlights the most dangerous roads and unsafe traffic locations in the Netherlands.

Red Mijn VakantieRed Mijn Vakantie

Thijs Zeeman and Eef van Opdorp help desperate Dutch who experience a horror holiday. Holidaymakers who are desperate, ask for help. Thijs and Eef travel to the destination and try to save the holiday. Hygiene expert Rob Geus travels in and outside the camp to subjugate them trough an thorough inspection.

Danni Lowinski (NL)Danni Lowinski (NL)
SBS 6, 2013 | Comedy, Drama

Drama series about a hairdresser in her early thirties who has successfully completed a training as a lawyer in addition to her work, but then never gets anywhere.


In Bijdehandjes everything revolves around disarming, honest, cheeky and super cute children between five and ten years old. Hosted by Jeroen van Koningsbrugge.

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