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Sofia Residents in Excess


| Comedy, Drama

This is a Bulgarian TV comedy-drama series about two families - the Chekanovi's and the Lyutovi's who are in constant competition.

Revolution Z


| Comedy, Drama

This show is about two boys, who want to start a band . They are rebels, who can't find their place in life. They don't like school and they are not comfortable with their families. The only thing that makes them happy, calm and themselves is music. Revolution Z: Sex, lies and music is about teens, who confront challenges and barriers while pursuing their musical dream. Friendship, love, competition, prejudice, intrigue, sex are all a part of their life.

Glass Home


| Drama

The series follows the return of a young man in Bulgaria only to see the murder of his father and the complicated relationships of his unexpected new family. The story unravels the reality of Bulgarian police, business and lifestyle.

Seven Hours Difference

The action takes place simultaneously in two cities - Sofia and New York. There are living members of the two Bulgarian families whose professional life is inextricably linked to crime and punishment. Divisions and personal conflicts between them are caused not only by time difference, but the difference in generations, love and hatred, political and economic gap between rich and poor. In dramatic series viewers will see authentic footage from New York, action scenes, shattering love, complex relationships and turns.

Skupi Naslednitsi


| Drama, Family

Skupi Naslednitsi tells the story of a big dysfunctional family, forced to live together again in the village of Beli Vit to come into the huge inheritance left by the old head of the family. The descendants must live under one roof, in the old family house for one year, without leaving the village for more than 12 hours. The clash of interests will change the characters, their desires and principles. Traditions and modern tendencies meet innovative business ideas and the values of the patriarchal and the modern families collide. Skupi Naslednitsi is the first Bulgarian TV series shot in an authentic village, build especially for the shootings, in Hollywood style. Some scenes are shot in various urban locations, as well as in some of the most beautiful places in Bulgarian and around the world. The cast brings together some of the most loved and popular actors, who will stand shoulder to shoulder with the new generation of movie and TV stars.

The Farm (BG)


| Reality
Rating: 4/5

"The farm" will turn back 19 Bulgarians 100 years for 3 months. The participant will live together on a farm with no running water, electricity, modern toilet facilities or mobile phones for 3 months. Living in isolation, they must grow their own food, collect firewood and tend farmyard animals.