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Red Band Society (DE)Red Band Society (DE)
VOX, 2015 | Comedy, Drama

A group of teenagers live together as patients at a hospitals paediatric ward and learn how to deal with their illnesses, the experiences that they have, and the people that they meet.

Kitchen Impossible (DE)Kitchen Impossible (DE)

In "Kitchen Impossible", Tim Mälzer joins his colleagues and good friends in a cooking competition. The two opponents enter into a culinary competition in the toughest conditions and travel separately from each other into different countries.

Shark Tank GermanyShark Tank Germany
VOX, 2014 | Game Show
Rating: 4/5

In the "Cave of the Lions" people are to be supported with exciting business ideas or innovative inventions, which lack the necessary capital and know-how to realize them. In the show you will meet potential investors who will present their ideas in a business pitch. In the German adaptation of the Japanese founder show, the young entrepreneurs meet five investors, to whom they present their idea. Among them are the Turkish tour operator Vural Öger, the teleshopping beauty expert Judith Williams, the founder of the eponymous adventure gift portal Jochen Schweizer, the early-stage investor Frank Thelen and Lencke Wischhusen, the federal chairman of "The Young Entrepreneurs". Behind the scenes, the start-up entrepreneurs are accompanied by Amiaz Habtu. Overall, the "lions" during the first season, so VOX betrays in advance, invest after persistent negotiations around two million euros in new projects. The ideas presented range from personalized love songs to eco-friendly purses and rolling candy bags.

Grill den HensslerGrill den Henssler
VOX, 2013 | Reality, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Cooking show in which Steffen Henssler competes against three celebrities who prepare their favorite recipes. Each course is worth 3.000 Euros for a good cause. In order to have a chance against him at all, the candidates are trained by other star chefs before the show and prepared for their assignment. Between the classic cooking courses, the celebrities will also compete against Henssler in so-called kitchen competitions. The candidates have to demonstrate dexterity, knowledge and strategic thinking so that they can ultimately overthrow the professional chef.

Wilkes Welt - Ohne Plan zum TraumhausWilkes Welt - Ohne Plan zum Traumhaus
VOX, 2020 | Housing/Building, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

The documentary soap accompanies YouTube star and hobby craftsman Wilke Zierden on his new project: his own country house in the East Frisian style. For this purpose, the 32-year-old got hold of a 5000 square meter plot of land including a house that could be renovated at the beginning of 2020. Now the chaotic Youtuber is in the middle of the renovation work. However, he underestimated the challenge that such a project brings with it. Wilke Zierden may not have a plan, but there is plenty of motivation! And so family and friends are involved in realizing his dream of having his own country house. True to Wilkes' motto "Perfectionism is not for me. What I tackle needs rough edges, just like me!" it's not only up and down on the construction site, but also in the life of the Youtuber. Lots of new challenges await the scatterbrain and his family.

Grill den ProfiGrill den Profi

Changing professional chefs such as Roland Trettl, Christian Lohse, Alexander Kumptner, Ali Güngörmüs, Ralf Zacherl, Meta Hiltebrand, Nelson Müller and Benno Ullrich compete against prominent amateur chefs. In three rounds, starters, main courses and desserts have to be prepared, but the professionals only learn in the show which dish they have to cook without preparation.

Die leckerste Idee DeutschlandsDie leckerste Idee Deutschlands
VOX, 2021 | Cooking/Food, Game Show
Rating: 1/5

The show "Germany's Tastiest Idea" offers young companies from all over Germany the chance to bring their specially created product to customers at a major supermarket chain. In the process, the inventors have to face 60 selected test eaters, whom they have to convince that their product is excellent for them. Different teams compete against each other in several rounds until one winner is finally determined. The winner's product is then sold in supermarkets throughout Germany.

Ab ins Beet! Die Garten-SoapAb ins Beet! Die Garten-Soap
VOX, 2009 | Housing/Building, Reality
Rating: 5/5

When the hobby gardeners get started, the viewer can look forward to entertaining hours. Whether sowing lawns, building fences, building terraces, planting trees - there is always something to do in the garden. And something always goes wrong: one has two left hands and the other lacks the green thumb.

Ab in die RuineAb in die Ruine
VOX, 2011 | Housing/Building, Reality
Rating: 4/5

In the new documentary soap "Ab in die Ruine", motivated do-it-yourselfers roll up their sleeves and simply tackle large construction projects themselves. No challenge is too big as long as you master the dream of a perfect home. A clear picture of the perfect home hovers in the inner eye of the busy bees. In reality, however, they only find a huge pile of work. The renovations are nowhere near as easy as it initially seemed.

Die Beet-BruderDie Beet-Bruder
VOX, 2014 | Housing/Building, Reality
Rating: 5/5

These "bed brothers" do not come from the monastery, but from the VOX "garden soap" "Off to the bed!": Claus, Ralle and Ralf Dammasch are commissioned to transform a desolate meadow into a blooming garden - and that within just seven days!

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