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Black Market: Dispatches

In this global series presented by Michael K. Williams, we embed ourselves inside criminal enterprises to see how contraband moves across borders, and explore the politics behind a hidden economy nearly as big as the one you know.

Dead Set on Life

From $6 subs to the most sought-after ingredients on the planet-Matty Matheson eats it all, with friends new and old.

VICE Does America

Three VICE staffers set off on a road trip around the country to meet different kinds of Americans, learn about them, and do what they do.

The Devil You Know (2019)


| Crime, Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 2/5

Set in a small suburban community just outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The Devil You Know focuses on a local suburban legend, John Lawson, a self-styled Satanist who renamed himself Pazuzu. When two missing individuals' bodies turn up at his house, the rumors of this Charles Manson-like figure whose house was a non-stop parade of sex, drugs, guns and loud music take a darker and more troubling turn. The series follows every twist around the crime, the mishandled investigation, the legal case as well as the underlying economic inequality inherent in the story. The show features interviews with the journalists who chased the story, authorities, friends and neighbors of Pazuzu as well as people close to the victims to try to understand the twisted depths of this story from every angle.

The Wrestlers

The Wrestlers is an exploration of the wrestling world's underground. Traveling from First Nations communities in rural Manitoba to Mexico's Lucha Libre scene in Juarez, the series sees Damian Abraham exploring the personalities involved in the sport of pro wrestling.

Vice World of Sports

This series gets on the field and into the ring through a series of compelling stories at the fringe of culture and politics.

The Pizza Show


| Travel, Cooking/Food, Reality
Rating: 5/5

Welcome to The Pizza Show, a series on munchies that explores the wonderful world of pizza. Our host Frank Pinello-owner of Best Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn-travels around the world eating great pizza and meeting even greater people. From Brooklyn to Seoul, Chicago to New Haven, there's pizza culture everywhere, but it's the people we're most excited about.

Dopesick Nation


| Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Recovering addicts Frankie and Allie take on the heroin epidemic in South Florida, making it their mission to save as many addicts as possible.

Vice Essentials

Crime anthology focusing on trouble spots all over the world.



| Reality

Golden Road Brewing co-founder Meg Gill hosts this series that shines the spotlight on the growing trend of homebrewing. She travels across America searching for the best brews at each destination she visits. While at each location, Gill meets with the homebrewers and gets a taste of the communities that come together around the local beers. "Beerland" isn't just a travelogue about Gill's journey, though, as there's something at stake for the brewers she visits - the beer that Gill chooses as the best at each locale gets a chance to be distributed by Los Angeles-based Golden Road.

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