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Painter Kai Merilä wakes up from a 7-month coma after being in a road accident while DUI. Suffering from amnesia, he returns to his villa in the Finnish countryside, where the accident took place the previous year. Every villager remembers the painter - he remembers no one. Merilä receives an assignment from one Mrs. Sundel to paint a portrait of their daughter Nina, who has gone missing. The horrible memories from his past come back to him little by little as he paints Nina's portrait using only photographs taken of her.

In the Wake of Titanic: The CGS Montmagny StoryIn the Wake of Titanic: The CGS Montmagny Story

The show tells the story of the Canadian resupply ship that helped recover corpses from the wreck of the Titanic. Sadly the boat suffered the same tragedy only two years later, when it was hit by another boat.

MasterClass: deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music ProductionMasterClass: deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

Make better music - Before he was deadmau5, all Joel wanted for Christmas was old toasters to take apart. Now, in his MasterClass, watch him take his music apart. Joel teaches you how he approaches melodies, mixing and mastering to make unique sounds you can't find in a cookie cutter sample pack. You'll get not only his lessons, you'll learn how to create your own music without spending money on million dollar gear.

On StoryOn Story
Other, 2012 | Talk Shows

This is film school in a box, a lifetime's worth of filmmaking knowledge squeezed into half hour packages The show presents interviews with filmmaking greats culled from more than 20 years of exceptional AFF programming paired with a short film previously screened at Austin Film Festival.

MTV World StageMTV World Stage
Other, 2009 | Music

MTV World Stage is your chance to see the biggest artists on the globe live in concert without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

C.A. Conseil d'administrationC.A. Conseil d'administration
Other, 2006 | Comedy, Drama

C.A. is the weekly meeting of 4 friends (Maude, Sarah, Yannick and Jean-Michel) who graduated together at the Hautes Études Commerciales 10 years ago. This dramatic comedy takes us in the lives of these adults, mostly single, who try to find Love.

Il commissario ZagariaIl commissario Zagaria

A malevolent clan, probably from Calabria, has arrived in Salento to conquer the territory. Commissioner Pasquale Zagaria (Lino Banfi) is a policeman who grew up in the field, all intuition and little science. Close to retirement, he finds himself having to collaborate with the young assistant chief, Stefano Amato (Marco Cocci), a Florentine who has specialized abroad and, of course, is all about his faith in science.

Hoot KlootHoot Kloot

"Hoot Kloot" was a series of 17 theatrical cartoon shorts produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises from 1973 to 1974. They featured Sheriff Hoot Kloot - a diminutive, short-tempered lawman - and his loyal horse Fester who try to maintain order in a remote western town. The series was later shown on television as part of the NBC Saturday morning cartoon series "Pink Panther and Friends."

Exatlon ColombiaExatlon Colombia

Exatlón Colombia is a sports competition program broadcast by Canal RCN, where 20 participants face different physical tests demonstrating their strength, ability, intelligence and courage to emerge victorious.

Behind The BBehind The B

The Bruins have granted "Behind the B" cameras unprecedented access into the team's locker room, executive boardroom, and player's homes that will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the organization throughout the entire season.