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Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del MalPablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal

"Escobar, the king of evil" is a fictional series product of free adaptation of "The Parable of Paul," Alonso Salazar, press articles and publicly known facts of national life, the historical facts are surrounded by fictional characters and dialogue, allowing supply and re-documented situations.

El Cartel de los SaposEl Cartel de los Sapos

The life of Andres Lopez Lopez during his years involved with the Colombian Cartel aka "Cartel Norte del Valle".

El CapoEl Capo

The series follows the story of the fictional drug lord Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo, a man who by necessity, chance and ambition has become the richest and most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia. Despite his immense wealth, Pedro Pablo has maintained a low profile over the course of his life and has kept his role as a drug cartel leader a secret from his friends and family. This strategy has allowed him to fly under the radar of the authorities for years, but has also inadvertently created a complex web of betrayals, loves and hates that grows beyond his control. As the truth is revealed, Pedro Pablo's world begins falling apart around him. The story became a personal obsession for Bolivar, written in first person, and was based on what he would do if he were "El capo." Bolivar's research for the series included a lengthy investigation, including direct contact with other drug traffickers in prison.


Desafio is a Colombian reality television game show produced by Caracol TV. In the show, contestants are isolated in an island and compete for cash and other prizes. The show uses a system of progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off other members until only one final contestant remains and wins a cash prize.

The Mafia DollsThe Mafia Dolls

Based on the book "Las Fantásticas," this exciting telenovela follows the tumultuous lives of five women who get mixed up with the Mafia.

La venganza de AnalíaLa venganza de Analía

Nearly 30 years after her mom's murder, a political strategist launches a calculated plan to ruin the Colombian presidential candidate who killed her.

Amar y VivirAmar y Vivir
Caracol TV, 2020 | Drama, Romance, Music
Rating: 5/5

Irene, the lead singer of the market place band Los Milagrosos, meets Joaquin the mechanic, when he arrives in the city carrying nothing but the clothes he is wearing. As they fight for their dreams, they cross their paths. They will soon realize they can't live without each other, although their struggle to be together will be intense and painful.

Entre SombrasEntre Sombras

"In the Shadows" is the story of Julia and Magdalena, members of an elite group that strives to solve the most perplexing crimes in record time. They both have very different lives. Julia lives happily with her husband and son, and Magdalena searches for her stepfather, who abused her when she was a child. Julia's personal life takes a turn upon the return of Iván, a well-known criminalistics expert who was the love of her life years before and who abandoned her for some unknown reason. Magdalena will take an interest in him and will give life to a tense love triangle, which will unfold as they search as a team for those responsible for the most mysterious crimes of their careers.

Arelys Henao: I Sing Not To CryArelys Henao: I Sing Not To Cry

The story of a woman who rose from the bottom, both in her musical career and in her personal life, facing social and gender violence, until finally becoming an icon of popular music and an example for all women, who fight daily against injustice.

La seleccionLa seleccion
Caracol TV, in development | Drama, Romance, Sports, Biography

Tribute to the life and work of the footballers, Faustino Asprilla, Carlos, el 'Pibe' Valderrama, René Higuita, and Freddy Rincón. Their life, their loves, their families, all the passion that continues to maintain them as sports heroes and that still awaken the most intense emotions in all generations that still vibrate with their past and present glories.

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