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Dagboek van een Callgirl

The show follows the life of a normal girl living in Amsterdam, Anna, who is leading a secret double life as the high class call girl Jolie.

House Rules NL

Home improvement gets competitive when three teams of amateur home remodelers are pits against each other in the new reality series House Rules.

De Mannen van Dokter Anne

Anne caught her fiance a week for their marriage with another woman! Her life is suddenly on his head and she goes again live with her parents. Her father works in the hospital and offers her a job. She meets a few nice men.

Bagels & Bubbels

What happens when a simple baker boy falls in love with an international superstar? The romantic comedy Bagels & Bubbles: they belong to me following the impossible love story of two young people with a completely different life. The famous Noa and the simple Rick know each other through a twist of fate. Can their love her jet-set life, his humble origins, their exes and the media finally overcome?

NET 5,


| Comedy

In Bitterzoet we see the thirty year olds Anna (Anniek Pheifer), Caro (Tina de Bruin) and Esmée (Jennifer Hoffman) who have known each other since their student days. The friends all have their own lives, but see each other regularly. Dating, wrinkles, sex, education: nothing remains unspoken.

Achter Gesloten Deuren

Nearly everyone's life has dramatic events. Small or large. Adultery, a child on drugs, dad in jail or pregnant with someone other than your husband; it's all more common than we think. Out of shame these stories are often kept secret. Many of these secrets you read anonymously penned back in magazines and on the Internet, but they rarely get the television. The true secrets are shown in a realistic and poignant way.

Meiden van de Herengracht
NET 5,


| Drama

Three best friends try to combine their busy careers with their private life. The glamorous life of the three woman in the capital city of The Netherlands is not always a bed of roses.

Hart tegen hard
NET 5,


| Drama, Soaps

Romantic crime show following the lives of a detective and his wife who is a journalist.

Overspel in de liefde
NET 5,


| Drama, Reality

31 percent of all Dutch cheating on his or her partner. In the new scripted reality series Overspel in de liefde, the hard truth about cheating upwards. Of illegitimate children to a secret affair with a neighbor, all sizes of cheating passing by.


Beschuldigd is a scripted reality series. In each episode a family member is followed who tells about the situation in the family after one of the family members has been accused of a crime. At the end of each episode you will find out whether the suspect is really guilty or not.

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