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Britain on the FiddleBritain on the Fiddle
BBC One, 1970 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Documentary series in which reporter Richard Bilton looks at the problem of tax and benefit fraud, joining teams as they track down the people stealing money from the state.

Andy's Aquatic AdventuresAndy's Aquatic Adventures
BBC One, 2020 On Hiatus | Comedy, Family, Adventure, Children

Dive into the depths of the ocean with Andy's Aquatic Adventures! Join him on a journey to explore the wonders of the sea and meet some of its most fascinating creatures. From playful dolphins to majestic whales, Andy encounters a variety of aquatic animals across the globe. Get ready for an epic adventure that's sure to leave you in awe!

Juliet BravoJuliet Bravo
BBC One, 1980 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Mystery

Juliet Bravo was a drama that focused on two female police inspectors, neither of whom were called Juliet Bravo! These two inspectors worked in the small fictional town of Hartley, Lancashire. Jean Darblay was on the scene first and had trouble with her sexist colleagues. However she soon managed to gain their trust and prove a woman could be a successful police officer and housewife. Jean's call sign was Juliet Bravo. When she was promoted and moved on she was replaced by Kate Longton who not only took over the patch but also the headaches that went with it.

10 Days to War10 Days to War
BBC One, 2008 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Military/War, Mini-Series

Kenneth Branagh, Toby Jones, Juliet Stevenson, Art Malik and Stephen Rea head an all-star cast in a series of gripping short dramas about the countdown to war in Iraq. Part thriller, part political drama, each film will take the viewer to worlds the news cameras couldn't reach - the UN, the Military, the Foreign Office and, of course, Iraq on the eve of war.

BBC One, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Drama

Set in 1960, this drama follows eight men who are conscripted and become Two Section, an operational team for two years of National Service. The series explores how these men adapt to their interrupted daily lives and navigate the challenges of serving together during their conscription period.

Heroes of World War IIHeroes of World War II
BBC One, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Military/War, Documentary

Suddenly, in 1939, something long expected came as something most unexpected, as Hitler invaded Poland. Ordinary men and women from all walks of life were suddenly thrown into the most challenging situations, either fighting - on land, sea and in mid-air - or assisting their countries in intelligence duties, code-breaking, sabotage or scientific research. These heroes, many of whom served on the battlefield, were matched by their civilian counterparts, who helped to liberate the free world by deciphering enemy codes, designing faster and better aircraft and inventing war-winning machinery and ordnance. From pathfinding pilots to scientists, from the officers and journalists who were confronted with Hitler's grossest atrocity at Belsen to the inventors of radar - all these characters played a part in hastening the end of the most cataclysmic conflict ever recorded by the camera.

Animals Behaving BadlyAnimals Behaving Badly
BBC One, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Join Liz Bonnin as she delves into the wild world of animal mating and parenting, uncovering the science behind their bizarre behavior. From sneaky tactics to impressive displays, Animals Behaving Badly showcases the lengths creatures go to for love and family.

The BorrowersThe Borrowers
BBC One, 1992 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Action, Adventure, Children

The Borrowers are small, 15cm high humans who live in the English hinterland. They live out their lives in mouse-hole sized nooks in human homes, and survive by 'borrowing' all they need from the house and its inhabitants. This series follows young girl Arriety, and her parents Pod and Homily, as they are displaced from their home and try to find a new home, with the help of a human boy, George.

Crouchy's Year-Late Euros: LiveCrouchy's Year-Late Euros: Live
BBC One, 2021 On Hiatus | Sports, Talk Shows

Peter Crouch, Maya Jama and Alex Horne provide their unique take on the tournament, discussing big matches, celebrity guests, players, and highlights. Crouchy's Year-Late Euros: Live is a TV series that offers live coverage and analysis of the tournament, featuring insightful commentary and interviews with notable personalities.

Nick And Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?Nick And Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?
BBC One, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Current Events, Lifestyle, Documentary

Nick and Margaret investigate the impact of immigrants on the UK in this thought-provoking series. They explore both the positive and negative effects of immigration. The show delves into the economic, social, and cultural implications of immigration, while challenging common misconceptions. A must-watch for anyone interested in this hotly debated topic.