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Nick And Margaret - We Pay Your BenefitsNick And Margaret - We Pay Your Benefits
BBC One, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Lifestyle, Documentary

Nick and Margaret explore the world of benefits and work, questioning how much is enough. Claimants and taxpayers compare their lives and values. The show challenges perceptions of the welfare system and the value of work. Nick and Margaret lead the discussion with honesty and insight.

Five Children and ItFive Children and It
BBC One, 1991 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Children, Fantasy

Five children stumble upon a Psammead, a magical creature, in a local sand pit. They soon discover that the Psammead has the power to grant them three wishes. As the children navigate the challenges and consequences of their wishes, they learn valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and the true meaning of happiness.

Glorious Gardens from AboveGlorious Gardens from Above
BBC One, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Housing/Building, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Join horticulturist Christine Walkden as she takes to the skies in a hot-air balloon to explore the stunning gardens and countryside of Britain. From above, viewers will get a unique perspective on the beauty of Britain's gardens, as Christine shares her expertise and passion for horticulture. Don't miss this breathtaking journey!

The Big C & MeThe Big C & Me
BBC One, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Documentary series filmed over a year following people who are living with cancer.

Love, Faith and MeLove, Faith and Me
BBC One, 2023 Running | Documentary

Love, relationships, family life and having children. Personal stories reflecting on the biggest milestones in life, as seen from the perspectives of different faiths.

Zoo QuestZoo Quest
BBC One, 1954 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Documentary series starring David Attenborough who follows zoo keepers on a quest to find different animals to be added to the zoo. David Attenborough and a team from London Zoo travel in search of exotic animals. Their aim is to capture them and bring them back to the UK for exhibit in the zoo.

Charles Darwin and the Tree of LifeCharles Darwin and the Tree of Life
BBC One, 2009 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

David Attenborough asks three key questions: how and why did Darwin come up with his theory of evolution? Why do we think he was right? And why is it more important now than ever before? David starts his journey in Darwin's home at Down House in Kent, where Darwin worried and puzzled over the origins of life. David goes back to his roots in Leicestershire, where he hunted for fossils as a child, and where another schoolboy unearthed a significant find in the 1950s. And he revisits Cambridge University, where both he and Darwin studied, and where many years later the DNA double helix was discovered, providing the foundations for genetics. At the end of his journey in the Natural History Museum in London, David concludes that Darwin's great insight revolutionised the way in which we see the world. We now understand why there are so many different species, and why they are distributed in the way they are. But above all, Darwin has shown us that we are not set apart from the natural world, and do not have dominion over it. We are subject to its laws and processes, as are all other animals on earth to which, indeed, we are related. It's a TV movie available in the Movies section!

Britain's Big Wildlife RevivalBritain's Big Wildlife Revival
BBC One, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Join BBC's top wildlife experts in a journey to save Britain's most endangered animals. Britain's Big Wildlife Revival is a show that sheds light on the plight of these creatures. From the Scottish wildcat to the red squirrel, this series showcases the beauty and importance of British wildlife. Don't miss the fight to protect our natural heritage.

The Chinese DetectiveThe Chinese Detective
BBC One, 1981 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Adventure, Crime

Chinese British Detective Sergeant John Ho solves cases in the East End of London. Ho fits the pattern of the maverick detective, prepared to use unorthodox methods to solve his cases, which emerged in series like Z Cars and The Sweeney. British-born Chinese actor David Yip plays Ho and instead of the barely intelligible English typically spoken by Chinese actors in British drama, Yip's accent has a strong Cockney influence.

The National Lottery: Win Your Wish ListThe National Lottery: Win Your Wish List
BBC One, 2014 On Hiatus | Game Show

Shane Richie hosts the game show that sees couples playing to win the prizes of their dreams. Will they be able to hold their nerve and take the pressure as they attempt win their wish lists?