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Wasteland (2022)Wasteland (2022)

The world's wealthiest nation hides a problem you've never thought about, but can no longer ignore. Too much waste, and an inadequate way to clean it up. Failing septic tanks and collapsing sewer lines are shooting raw waste into people's homes. Untreated sewage is poisoning rivers and polluting coastlines. Wasteland examines how we got here, and whether overproduction of waste, and a crumbling infrastructure can keep up, before the problem blows up in our faces.

The Turkish DetectiveThe Turkish Detective
Paramount+, in development | Drama, Crime, Thriller

Inspector Cetin Ikmen, his partner Mehmet Suleyman and Detective Ayse Farsakoglu, solve crimes and experiencing euphoric highs and tragic lows. Each crime story is heavily rooted in the rich and varied culture and history of Istanbul and set against the vibrant, dazzling and frenzied world of modern-day Turkey.

Halo the Series: DeclassifiedHalo the Series: Declassified

Weekly After Show for the new Halo Tv Series hosted by Sydnee Goodman.

Ghislaine - Partner In CrimeGhislaine - Partner In Crime
Paramount+, 2022 | Crime, Documentary, Mini-Series
Rating: 4/5

In an intimate portrait of the infamous partner to Jeffrey Epstein, this four part series explores the central question in Ghislaine Maxwell's trial - how deeply was she involved in the sex trafficking ring that abused hundreds of women and girls, and how did the former socialite become the accomplice to one of the worst sex offenders in history?

Black Gold (2022)Black Gold (2022)

The story of the coverup of the century: of the boss atop a trillion dollar industry who discovered a shocking truth 40 years ago, created a black ops campaign to hide the evidence, and stopped at nothing to keep the money flowing, as the world burned.


A woman whose world seemingly crumbles when she suffers a stroke. But what at first seems like a tragedy ends up being an opportunity to reunite her family and rebuild her life.


A 6 episodes biopic of Spanish singer-songwriter Miguel Bosé. Son of two icons of Spain under repressive dictator Francisco Franco: the macho Luis Miguel Dominguín, one of Spain's most famous bullfighters, and Lucía Bosé, star of Michelangelo Antonioni and Juan Antonio Bardem, few people have known so many people as Miguel Bosé.

Drag Race MéxicoDrag Race México
Paramount+, in development | Reality

Drag Race México is searching to find Mexico's next drag superstar!

SpongeBob DocuPantsSpongeBob DocuPants

Imagine classic SpongeBob moments being told through the lens of documentary shows like E! True Hollywood Stories, Dateline, Behind the Music, etc. Each episode takes an overly dramatic look into classic Spongebob storylines.

The BoxThe Box

Police detective Chris Loudon's mission to expose the truth behind one of America's worst serial killers.